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ZERO, noun. The numeric symbol that represents the cardinal number zero.
ZERO, noun. The digit 0 in the decimal, binary, and all other base numbering systems.
ZERO, noun. (informal) (uncountable) Nothing, or none.
ZERO, noun. The value of a magnitude corresponding to the cardinal number zero.
ZERO, noun. The point on a scale at which numbering or measurement originates.
ZERO, noun. (mathematics) A value of the independent variables of a function, for which the function is equal to zero.
ZERO, noun. ​ (mathematics) (algebra) The additive identity element of a monoid or greater algebraic structure, particularly a group or ring.
ZERO, noun. (slang) A person of little or no importance.
ZERO, noun. (military) A Mitsubishi A6M Zero, a long range fighter aircraft operated by the Japanese Navy Air Service from 1940 to 1945.
ZERO, noun. A setting of calibrated instruments such as a firearm.
ZERO, noun. (finance) A security which has a zero coupon (paying no periodic interest).
ZERO, adjective. (informal) (used with noun) none
ZERO, adjective. (meteorology) Of a cloud ceiling, limiting vision to 50 feet (15 meters) or less.
ZERO, adjective. (meteorology) Of horizontal visibility, limited to 165 feet (50.3 meters) or less.
ZERO, adjective. (linguistics) Present at an abstract level, but not realized in the data.
ZERO, verb. (transitive) To set a measuring instrument to zero; to calibrate instrument scale to valid zero.
ZERO, verb. (transitive) (computing) To change a memory location or range to values of zero; to set a variable in a computer program to zero.
ZERO, verb. (transitive) To cause or set some value or amount to be zero.
ZERO, verb. (transitive) To eliminate; to delete; to overwrite with zeros.
ZERO, verb. (intransitive) To disappear
ZERO AIR, noun. Purified atmospheric air to contain less than 0.1 ppm total hydrocarbons.
ZERO CONDITIONAL, noun. (grammar) A structure used to talk about general truths or facts, containing an "if" clause and a main clause.
ZERO CONDITIONALS, noun. Plural of zero conditional
ZERO COPULA, noun. (linguistics) The joining of the subject to the predicate without using a copula, as in "the more the merrier".
ZERO COPULAS, noun. Plural of zero copula
ZERO COUPON, noun. (usually used attributively) (finance) A non-existent coupon.
ZERO COUPON, noun. (finance) A financial security that does not pay interest periodically.
ZERO COUPON BOND, noun. (finance) A bond (e.g., corporate debenture or government debt) that has no coupon (i.e., pays no interest), during the life of the issue. Such a bond is initially sold at a discount to its face value. The rate of return to the holder is derived from the gradual appreciation as the security moves toward maturity.
ZERO COUPON BONDS, noun. Plural of zero coupon bond
ZERO DARK THIRTY, noun. Synonym of oh dark thirty.
ZERO DAY, adjective. (computing) (idiom) Alternative spelling of zero-day
ZERO DAY, noun. (computing) (idiom) Alternative spelling of zero-day
ZERO DEFLECTION, noun. The adjustment of a sight, exactly parallel to the axis of the bore of the gun to which it is attached.
ZERO ENDING, noun. (grammar) The absence of an ending after a noun‐stem in a language in which endings are normally applied; often written as ∅
ZERO G, noun. Zero gravity
ZERO G, noun. Alternative form of zero G
ZERO GEE, noun. Alternative form of zero G
ZERO GRADE, noun. Alternative form of zero-grade
ZERO GRAVITY, noun. The state of apparent weightlessness which occurs in a very low gravity field, or in free fall.
ZERO HOUR, noun. The scheduled time for the start of some event, especially a military operation; H-hour
ZERO HOURS, noun. Plural of zero hour
ZERO HUNDRED, noun. The start of the first hour of the day on the 24-hour clock, i.e. 0:00, military time.
ZERO IN, verb. To focus one's aim; to zoom in and center on something.
ZERO IN ON, verb. (idiomatic) To aim precisely at a target
ZERO IN ON, verb. To successfully narrow down a search
ZERO IN ON, verb. To concentrate or focus one's attention on at task
ZERO IN ON, verb. To converge on something
ZERO MATRIX, noun. (mathematics) A matrix whose all entries are zero.
ZERO OBJECT, noun. (category theory) An object which is both an initial object and a terminal object.
ZERO ONE INFINITY RULE, noun. (computing) (informal) The rule that a database (or similar) should allow for either zero, one, or an indefinite number of an entity.
ZERO OPTION, noun. (US) (politics) A 1980s plan whereby all Soviet and American nuclear weapons would be mutually withdrawn.
ZERO PERIOD, noun. (education) A high school class that is offered early in the morning, before the normal start of the school day.
ZERO POINT, noun. (military) The location of the center of a burst of a nuclear weapon at the instant of detonation. The zero point may be in the air, or on or beneath the surface of land or water, depending upon the type of burst, and it is thus to be distinguished from ground zero.
ZERO POINTS, noun. Plural of zero point
ZERO STATION, noun. The point, during childbirth, at which the baby's head is level with the ischial spines in the maternal pelvis.
ZERO TENSOR, noun. A tensor with all entries equal to zero; where any pattern of covariant and contravariant indices have all components equal to 0.
ZERO TENSOR, noun. A generalization of the zero vector to tensor space.
ZERO TENSORS, noun. Plural of zero tensor
ZERO TOLERANCE, noun. The strict policy of enforcing all the laws of a state, or the rules of an institution, and allowing no toleration or compromise for first-time offenders or petty violations
ZERO VECTOR, noun. (mathematics) A vector whose value in every dimension is zero. i.e. \(\vec 0 = <0,0,\ldots,0>\).

Dictionary definition

ZERO, noun. A quantity of no importance; "it looked like nothing I had ever seen before"; "reduced to nil all the work we had done"; "we racked up a pathetic goose egg"; "it was all for naught"; "I didn't hear zilch about it".
ZERO, noun. A mathematical element that when added to another number yields the same number.
ZERO, noun. The point on a scale from which positive or negative numerical quantities can be measured.
ZERO, noun. The sight setting that will cause a projectile to hit the center of the target with no wind blowing.
ZERO, verb. Adjust (an instrument or device) to zero value.
ZERO, verb. Adjust (as by firing under test conditions) the zero of (a gun); "He zeroed in his rifle at 200 yards".
ZERO, adjective. Indicating the absence of any or all units under consideration; "a zero score".
ZERO, adjective. Having no measurable or otherwise determinable value; "the goal is zero population growth".
ZERO, adjective. Indicating an initial point or origin.
ZERO, adjective. Of or relating to the null set (a set with no members).

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