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GEE, interjection. A general exclamation of surprise or frustration.
GEE, verb. (often as imperative to a draft animal) To turn in a direction away from the driver, typically to the right.
GEE, verb. (UK) (dialect) (obsolete) To agree; to harmonize.
GEE, noun. A gee-gee; a horse.
GEE, noun. The name of the Latin-script letter G/g.
GEE, noun. (slang) Abbreviation of grand; a thousand dollars.
GEE, noun. (physics) Abbreviation of gravity; the unit of acceleration equal to that exerted by gravity at the earth's surface.
GEE, noun. (US) (slang) A guy.
GEE, noun. (Ireland) (slang) vagina, vulva
GEE AND HAW, verb. (slang) (US) (southeast) get along
GEE HAW WHIMMY DIDDLE, noun. A wooden toy consisting of a notched stick with a smaller stick attached on the end. Rubbing the notched stick with another stick causes the smaller stick to spin; with practice the spin can be made to change from rightward (gee) to leftward (haw) and vice versa.
GEE POLE, noun. A sturdy pole, lashed to the side of a sled, and used for steering and support
GEE UP, interjection. (directed at a horse) move on!, go faster!
GEE UP, verb. (slang) to encourage
GEE UP, verb. (slang) to excite in order to try to achieve a desired result
GEE WHILLICKERS, interjection. Alternative form of gee willikers
GEE WHILLIGERS, interjection. Alternative form of gee willikers
GEE WHILLIKERS, interjection. Alternative form of gee willikers
GEE WHIZ, interjection. (US) (dated) Expression of surprise or annoyance.
GEE WHIZ, interjection. "Why should I care?"; so what?
GEE WHIZ, adjective. Very good, impressive.
GEE WILLICKERS, interjection. Alternative form of gee willikers
GEE WILLIGERS, interjection. Alternative form of gee willikers
GEE WILLIKERS, interjection. (US) Gee, gosh.

Dictionary definition

GEE, noun. A unit of force equal to the force exerted by gravity; used to indicate the force to which a body is subjected when it is accelerated.
GEE, verb. Turn to the right side; "the horse geed".
GEE, verb. Give a command to a horse to turn to the right side.

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