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GIFT, noun. Something given to another voluntarily, without charge.
GIFT, noun. A talent or natural ability.
GIFT, noun. Something gained incidentally, without effort.
GIFT, noun. The act, right, or power of giving or bestowing.
GIFT, verb. (transitive) To give as a gift.
GIFT, verb. (transitive) To give away, to concede easily.
GIFT AID, proper noun. (UK) A policy that enables charities to reclaim the income tax on donations from taxpayers.
GIFT CARD, noun. A gift certificate in the form of a card issued by retailers as an alternative to a non-monetary gift, allowing the bearer to purchase goods up to its face value.
GIFT CARDS, noun. Plural of gift card
GIFT CERTIFICATE, noun. A gift voucher entitling the bearer to a free product or service, intended to be purchased as a gift.
GIFT CERTIFICATES, noun. Plural of gift certificate
GIFT GIVER, noun. (slang) (sexuality) A sexual partner who transmits HIV to a bug-chaser.
GIFT GIVERS, noun. Plural of gift giver
GIFT HORSE, noun. (idiomatic) An apparent gift, that has substantial associated costs.
GIFT HORSES, noun. Plural of gift horse
GIFT OF GAB, noun. Alternative form of gift of the gab
GIFT OF THE GAB, noun. (idiomatic) The ability to talk readily, glibly, and convincingly, especially on trivial matters and small talk.
GIFT ROPE, noun. (nautical) A rope extended to a boat for towing it; a guest rope.
GIFT SET, noun. Alternative form of giftset
GIFT SHOP, noun. A shop connected to a monument, sight, or museum or other place of interest, which sells products related to the nature of the place.
GIFT SHOPS, noun. Plural of gift shop
GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING, noun. (US) Something with continuing consequences.
GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING, noun. (US) Venereal disease.
GIFT VOUCHER, noun. A voucher for a specified amount purchased from a retailer (or other business) and given to someone as a present. The voucher can be exchanged for goods or services by the recipient at the retailer or business concerned.
GIFT VOUCHERS, noun. Plural of gift voucher

Dictionary definition

GIFT, noun. Something acquired without compensation.
GIFT, noun. Natural abilities or qualities.
GIFT, noun. The act of giving.
GIFT, verb. Give qualities or abilities to.
GIFT, verb. Give as a present; make a gift of; "What will you give her for her birthday?".

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