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FAIRY, noun. (uncountable) (obsolete) the realm of faerie; enchantment, illusion.
FAIRY, noun. A mythical being who had magical powers, known in many sizes and descriptions, although often depicted in modern illustrations only as small and spritely with gauze-like wings; A sprite.
FAIRY, noun. (Northern England) (US) (derogatory) (colloquial) a male homosexual, especially one who is effeminate.
FAIRY, noun. (paganism) A nature spirit revered in modern paganism.
FAIRY, noun. Two species of hummingbird in the genus Heliothryx.
FAIRY BLUEBIRD, noun. A small passerine bird (genus Irena) of southern Asia.
FAIRY BLUEBIRDS, noun. Plural of fairy bluebird
FAIRY BREAD, noun. (Australia) (NZ) An Australian/New Zealand snack made of buttered bread sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.
FAIRY BUTTER, noun. A food made from butter and egg yolks mixed with sugar and orange flower water.
FAIRY CAKE, noun. (British) A small cake baked in a small paper cup; a cupcake.
FAIRY CAKES, noun. Plural of fairy cake
FAIRY CHESS, noun. A class of board game very similar to chess but with variant rules and pieces
FAIRY CHIMNEY, noun. A hoodoo (spire of rock).
FAIRY CIRCLE, noun. A ring of fungi marking the periphery of the perennial underground growth of the mycelium.
FAIRY DUST, noun. A magical powder that would give the power of flight to whoever it was sprinkled on
FAIRY DUST, noun. (by extension) any apparently magical ingredient or effect
FAIRY FLOSS, noun. (Australia) Heated sugar spun into thin threads and collected into a mass, usually on a stick.
FAIRY FORT, noun. The remains of a ringfort or other circular dwelling, superstitiously said to be associated with fairies or leprechauns.
FAIRY FORTS, noun. Plural of fairy fort
FAIRY GODMOTHER, noun. In certain fairy tales, a fictional benevolent woman with magical powers who uses them to help the cause of the protagonist.
FAIRY GODMOTHER, noun. (by extension) Any generous benefactor.
FAIRY GODMOTHERS, noun. Plural of fairy godmother
FAIRY LIGHT, noun. (mostly plural) One of a set of decorative electric lights attached along the length of a cable.
FAIRY LIGHTS, noun. (UK) Small electric lights on a strand which are used decoratively, especially on Christmas trees.
FAIRY MARTIN, noun. Petrochelidon ariel, an Australian bird of the swallow family.
FAIRY NUFF, interjection. (humorous) (mostly internet) fair enough
FAIRY PENGUIN, noun. (Australia) The little penguin, Eudyptula minor.
FAIRY PENGUINS, noun. Plural of fairy penguin
FAIRY PRIMROSE, noun. A Chinese ornamental (Primula malacoides) grown for its large, rose to pink flowers, grouped in many-flowered umbels.
FAIRY RING, noun. A ring of fungi marking the periphery of the perennial underground growth of the mycelium.
FAIRY RING, noun. (mythology) A mythical place where fairies are thought to congregate in a ring.
FAIRY RINGS, noun. Plural of fairy ring
FAIRY SHRIMP, noun. A small freshwater branchiopod having a transparent body with many appendages and swimming on its back.
FAIRY SNUFF, interjection. (originally Cockney rhyming slang) fair enough
FAIRY STONE, noun. An echinite.
FAIRY TALE, noun. A folktale featuring fairies or similar fantasy characters.
FAIRY TALE, noun. An unrealistic story.
FAIRY TALES, noun. Plural of fairy tale

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FAIRY, noun. A small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers.
FAIRY, noun. Offensive term for an openly homosexual man.

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