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PLUM, noun. The edible, fleshy stone fruit of Prunus domestica, often of a dark red or purple colour.
PLUM, noun. The stone-fruit tree which bears this fruit, Prunus domestica.
PLUM, noun. A dark bluish-red color/colour, the colour of some plums.
PLUM, noun. A desirable thing.
PLUM, noun. (archaic) A handsome fortune or property; formerly, in cant language, the sum of £100,000 sterling, or a person possessing it.
PLUM, noun. (dated) A good or choice thing of its kind, as among appointments, positions, parts of a book, etc.
PLUM, noun. A raisin, when used in a pudding or cake.
PLUM, noun. (pejorative) A fool, idiot.
PLUM, noun. (slang) (usually in plural) A testicle.
PLUM, noun. The edible, fleshy stone fruit of several species sharing Prunus subg. Prunus with Prunus domestica including, among others:
PLUM, noun. Prunus sect. Prunus
PLUM, noun. Prunus cerasifera, the cherry plum or myrobalan
PLUM, noun. Prunus salicina the Chinese plum or Japanese plum
PLUM, noun. Prunus spinosa, the sloe
PLUM, noun. Prunus ursina the bear's plum
PLUM, noun. Prunus sect. Prunocerasus North American plums
PLUM, noun. Prunus americanus, the American plum
PLUM, noun. Prunus angustifolia, the Chickasaw plum or sandhill plum
PLUM, noun. Prunus hortulana, the hortulan plum
PLUM, noun. Prunus nigra, the Canadian plum or black plum
PLUM, noun. Prunus rivularis, the creek plum or hog plum
PLUM, noun. Prunus subcordata, the Klamath plum or Oregon plum
PLUM, noun. Prunus sect. Armeniaca (better known as apricots)
PLUM, noun. Prunus mume, an Asian fruit more closely related to the apricot than the plum, usually consumed pickled, dried, or as a juice or wine; ume.
PLUM, noun. The stone-fruit trees which bear these fruits.
PLUM, noun. The fruits of many unrelated trees and shrubs with fruit perceived to resemble plums
PLUM, noun. The trees and shrubs bearing those fruits
PLUM, adjective. (comparable) Of a dark bluish-red colour.
PLUM, adjective. (not comparable) Choice; especially lavish or preferred.
PLUM, adjective. Plumb
PLUM, adverb. Completely; utterly.
PLUM, verb. (mining) To plumb.
PLUM BLOSSOM, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see plum,‎ blossom.
PLUM BLOSSOM, noun. The blossom of the Prunus mume, the Japanese apricot or Chinese plum, a tree native to East Asia bearing an apricot-like fruit.
PLUM BRANDY, noun. A distilled alcoholic drink made with plums.
PLUM CURCULIO, noun. Conotrachelus nenuphar, a weevil native to parts of North America, notorious for destroying fruits.
PLUM GOUGER, noun. A weevil or curculio (Coccotorus scutellaris) which destroys plums by making round holes in the pulp in which to lay its eggs. The larva bores into the stone and eats the kernel.
PLUM GOUGERS, noun. Plural of plum gouger
PLUM PINE, noun. (chiefly AU) Any of a number of plants in the family Podocarpaceae which have plum-like fruits and narrow leaves reminiscent of pines
PLUM PINES, noun. Plural of plum pine
PLUM PUDDING, noun. A pudding, cooked by boiling or steaming, and containing a large amount of dried fruit.
PLUM TOM, noun. Synonym of plum tomato.
PLUM TOMATO, noun. A type of large tomato
PLUM TOMATOES, noun. Plural of plum tomato
PLUM TOMS, noun. Plural of plum tom
PLUM TREE, noun. A tree that bears plums.
PLUM TREES, noun. Plural of plum tree
PLUM WINE, noun. A liqueur made from ume, sugar, and shochu; umeshu.
PLUM WINE, noun. A fruit wine made of plums.
PLUM YEW, noun. Any of the east Asian trees and shrubs in the genus Cephalotaxus.
PLUM YEWS, noun. Plural of plum yew

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PLUM, noun. Any of several trees producing edible oval fruit having a smooth skin and a single hard stone.
PLUM, noun. Any of numerous varieties of small to medium-sized round or oval fruit having a smooth skin and a single pit.
PLUM, noun. A highly desirable position or assignment; "a political plum".
PLUM, adverb. Exactly; "fell plumb in the middle of the puddle".
PLUM, adverb. Completely; used as intensifiers; "clean forgot the appointment"; "I'm plumb (or plum) tuckered out".

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