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PORK, noun. (uncountable) The meat of a pig; swineflesh.
PORK, noun. (US) (politics) (slang) (pejorative) Funding proposed or requested by a member of Congress for special interests or his or her constituency as opposed to the good of the country as a whole.
PORK, verb. (transitive) (slang) (vulgar) (usually of a male) To have sex with (someone).
PORK AND BEANS, noun. A culinary dish whose main ingredients are pork and beans, often in a sauce.
PORK BARREL, noun. (now rare) A barrel used to store pork. [from 18th c.]
PORK BARREL, noun. (chiefly US) A ready supply of income; one's livelihood. [from 19th c.]
PORK BARREL, noun. (politics) (chiefly US) State funds as assigned for local or regional expenditure; especially, central money used for regional projects which are eyecatching or designed to appeal to voters. [from 19th c.]
PORK BARRELLING, noun. Alternative form of pork-barrelling
PORK BARRELS, noun. Plural of pork barrel
PORK BELLIES, noun. Plural of pork belly
PORK BELLY, noun. A boneless cut of fatty meat from the belly of a pig.
PORK LOIN, noun. A cut of pig meat from along the top of the rib cage
PORK OUT, verb. Synonym of blimp out.
PORK PIE, noun. A shortcrust pie containing chopped pork.
PORK PIE, noun. A pork pie hat.
PORK PIE, noun. (Cockney rhyming slang) (often jocularly) A lie.
PORK PIE HAT, noun. A flat-topped, round, man's hat popular among musicians of jazz, blues, and ska, so called for its similarity in appearance to a traditional pork pie and made famous by the actor Buster Keaton and by the jazz musician Lester Young.
PORK PIE HATS, noun. Plural of pork pie hat
PORK PIES, noun. Plural of pork pie
PORK RIND, noun. The rind of pork meat
PORK RIND, noun. (US) a snack food made from cured pork skin, pork scratchings
PORK RINDS, noun. Plural of pork rind
PORK SCRATCHING, noun. (British) A snack food, normally available in pubs, made from cured pork skin that has been salted and deep-fried.
PORK SCRATCHINGS, noun. Plural of pork scratching
PORK SWORD, noun. (slang) The penis.
PORK SWORDS, noun. Plural of pork sword
PORK UP, verb. (slang) (of a person) To grow fat.

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PORK, noun. Meat from a domestic hog or pig.
PORK, noun. A legislative appropriation designed to ingratiate legislators with their constituents.

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