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VEGETABLE, noun. Any plant.
VEGETABLE, noun. A plant raised for some edible part of it, such as the leaves, roots, fruit or flowers, but excluding any plant considered to be a fruit, grain, or spice in the culinary sense.
VEGETABLE, noun. The edible part of such a plant.
VEGETABLE, noun. (figuratively) (derogatory) A person whose brain (or, infrequently, body) has been damaged so that they cannot interact with the surrounding environment; a brain-dead person.
VEGETABLE, adjective. Of or relating to plants.
VEGETABLE, adjective. Of or relating to vegetables.
VEGETABLE CARBON, noun. Food-grade carbon black
VEGETABLE FAT, noun. Any vegetable oil that is solid at room temperature.
VEGETABLE FATS, noun. Plural of vegetable fat
VEGETABLE FERN, noun. Diplazium esculentum; an edible fern found throughout Asia and Oceania.
VEGETABLE GARDEN, noun. A small garden, attached to a house, where vegetables, herbs and fruit are grown for household use; sometimes includes cold frames and greenhouses.
VEGETABLE GARDENS, noun. Plural of vegetable garden
VEGETABLE IVORY, noun. The nutlike seed of the South American tagua palm; used to make small items such as buttons.
VEGETABLE JUICE, noun. A juice drink made of blended vegetables, or from a powder.
VEGETABLE JUICES, noun. Plural of vegetable juice
VEGETABLE KINGDOM, noun. Collectively, the set of all plants.
VEGETABLE LAMB, noun. A legendary plant believed to grow sheep from its branches.
VEGETABLE LAMBS, noun. Plural of vegetable lamb
VEGETABLE LEATHER, noun. An imitation of leather made of cotton waste.
VEGETABLE LEATHER, noun. Linen cloth coated with india rubber.
VEGETABLE MARROW, noun. (chiefly British) the marrow squash
VEGETABLE OIL, noun. Any oil produced from plants, such as olive oil and corn oil.
VEGETABLE OILS, noun. Plural of vegetable oil
VEGETABLE SHEEP, noun. Any of several species of New Zealand alpine plants in the genus Raoulia with fuzzy white foliage and mounding habit that make them look like sheep from a distance.
VEGETABLE SOUP, noun. (culinary) A soup made from a mixed variety of vegetables, typically carrots, celery, tomatoes, and beans.
VEGETABLE SOUPS, noun. Plural of vegetable soup
VEGETABLE SULFUR, noun. The powdery spores of the club moss (Lycopodium clavatum)
VEGETABLE SULPHUR, noun. Alternative spelling of vegetable sulfur

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VEGETABLE, noun. Edible seeds or roots or stems or leaves or bulbs or tubers or nonsweet fruits of any of numerous herbaceous plant.
VEGETABLE, noun. Any of various herbaceous plants cultivated for an edible part such as the fruit or the root of the beet or the leaf of spinach or the seeds of bean plants or the flower buds of broccoli or cauliflower.

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