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BANANA, noun. An elongated curved tropical fruit that grows in bunches and has a creamy flesh and a smooth skin.
BANANA, noun. (US, Canada, and Europe) Especially, the sweet, yellow fruit of the Cavendish banana cultivar.
BANANA, noun. The tropical tree-like plant which bears clusters of bananas. The plant, usually of the genus Musa but sometimes also including plants from Ensete, has large, elongated leaves and is related to the plantain.
BANANA, noun. (uncountable) A yellow colour, like that of a banana's skin.
BANANA, noun. (mildly pejorative) (slang) (ethnic slur) A person of Asian descent, especially a Chinese American, who has assimilated into Western culture or married a Caucasian (from the "yellow" outside and "white" inside). Compare coconut or Oreo.
BANANA, noun. (nuclear physics) banana equivalent dose
BANANA, adjective. Curved like a banana, especially of a ball in flight.
BANANA, acronym. Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone (or) Anything. Someone who objects to the building of any structure in their neighborhood, especially in public policy debate. Used as an expression of irritation towards people who are thought of as being worse than NIMBYs.
BANANA BALL, noun. (sport) A banana shot
BANANA BENDER, noun. (Australia) (jocular) An inhabitant of Queensland.
BANANA BENDERS, noun. Plural of banana bender
BANANA BIRD, noun. A small American bird (Icterus leucopteryx) which feeds on bananas.
BANANA BIRDS, noun. Plural of banana bird
BANANA BOAT, noun. (nautical) An inflatable recreational boat meant for towing, often yellow and banana-shaped
BANANA BOAT, noun. (nautical) A ship designed to transport bananas
BANANA BOAT, noun. A cocktail made from a melon liqueur, a banana liqueur, curacao and pineapple juice
BANANA BOATS, noun. Plural of banana boat
BANANA BOND, noun. (informal) (inorganic chemistry) An extended covalent bond found in boranes in which a hydrogen atom is shared by two boron atoms; a form of three-center two-electron bond
BANANA BREAD, noun. A type of bread made with mashed bananas.
BANANA CUE, noun. A Filipino snack made by coating a deep-fried banana in caramelized brown sugar.
BANANA EQUIVALENT DOSE, noun. (biology) the radiation dose equivalent of consuming an average banana, equal to 0.01 mrem or 0.1 μSv
BANANA EQUIVALENT DOSES, noun. Plural of banana equivalent dose
BANANA HAMMOCK, noun. (slang) A male thong.
BANANA HAMMOCK, noun. (slang) A pair of swim briefs.
BANANA HAMMOCKS, noun. Plural of banana hammock
BANANA KICK, noun. (sports) A kick that causes a spin to make the ball bend away from the player's body.
BANANA KICKS, noun. Plural of banana kick
BANANA LEAF, noun. A leaf of the banana plant.
BANANA LEAVES, noun. Plural of banana leaf
BANANA MONEY, noun. (informal) World War II Japanese invasion money.
BANANA NOTE, noun. (informal) a note of Japanese invasion money.
BANANA OIL, noun. (dated) Nonsense.
BANANA PAPER, noun. Paper made from part of the stem of the banana plant
BANANA PAPER, noun. Paper made from banana fibre
BANANA PASSIONFRUIT, noun. The fruit of several plants in the genus Passiflora, looking somewhat like a straight, small banana with rounded ends.
BANANA PEEL, noun. (Canadian) (US) The several outermost layers of a banana, especially once removed from the rest of the banana, which may be slippery if stepped on.
BANANA PEEL, noun. (Canadian) (US) A cause of difficulty, or potential embarrassment.
BANANA PEELS, noun. Plural of banana peel
BANANA PEPPER, noun. A kind of yellow chili pepper, Capsicum annuum.
BANANA PEPPERS, noun. Plural of banana pepper
BANANA PLUG, noun. A single-wire male component of a banana connector
BANANA PLUGS, noun. Plural of banana plug
BANANA PUDDING, noun. A dessert of the southern United States, made with layers of vanilla custard, cookies, and sliced fresh bananas.
BANANA REPUBLIC, noun. (politics) (idiomatic) (pejorative) A small country, especially one in Central America or the West Indies, that is dependent on a single export commodity (traditionally bananas) and that has a corrupt, dictatorial government.
BANANA REPUBLICS, noun. Plural of banana republic
BANANA SEAT, noun. An elongated seat, on a lowrider bicycle, that curves upward at the rear.
BANANA SHOT, noun. (sport) A shot with a ball sent on a curved banana-shaped trajectory.
BANANA SKIN, noun. The outer skin of a banana, which being slippery is potentially dangerous if left lying around on the ground.
BANANA SKIN, noun. (UK) A cause of difficulty, or potential embarrassment.
BANANA SKINS, noun. Plural of banana skin
BANANA SLUG, noun. Any of three North American species of terrestrial slug in the genus Ariolimax, some of which resemble bananas in colour.
BANANA SLUGS, noun. Plural of banana slug
BANANA SOLUTION, noun. A solution used as a vehicle in applying bronze pigments. It contains acetote, benzene, pyroxylin, and amyl acetate.
BANANA SPLIT, noun. A dessert or sundae containing a banana cut in half lengthwise (split), ice cream and various toppings which may include sauces, nuts or fruit.
BANANA SPLIT, noun. Euphemistic form of bullshit (especially in the card game sense).
BANANA SPLITS, noun. Plural of banana split

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BANANA, noun. Any of several tropical and subtropical treelike herbs of the genus Musa having a terminal crown of large entire leaves and usually bearing hanging clusters of elongated fruits.
BANANA, noun. Elongated crescent-shaped yellow fruit with soft sweet flesh.

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