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PLANTATION, noun. Large farm; estate or area of land designated for agricultural growth. Often includes housing for the owner and workers.
PLANTATION, noun. Area where trees are planted for commercial purposes.
PLANTATION, noun. The importation of large numbers of workers and soldiers to displace the local population, such as in medieval Ireland and in the Caribbean.
PLANTATION MENTALITIES, noun. Plural of plantation mentality
PLANTATION MENTALITY, noun. A mentality according to which an organization or society is divided into a ruling elite and a class of workers treated as inferior, especially along racial lines.
PLANTATION NIGGER, noun. (ethnic slur) (offensive) (idiomatic) An inferior black person compared to having the intellect of a fieldhand
PLANTATION NIGGER, noun. (dated) A slave employed in manual labor as opposed to a house nigger.
PLANTATION NIGGERS, noun. Plural of plantation nigger

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PLANTATION, noun. An estate where cash crops are grown on a large scale (especially in tropical areas).
PLANTATION, noun. A newly established colony (especially in the colonization of North America); "the practice of sending convicted criminals to serve on the Plantations was common in the 17th century".
PLANTATION, noun. Garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth.

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