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NEGRO, adjective. (dated) (possible offensive) Relating to the black ethnicity.
NEGRO, adjective. (dated) (possible offensive) Black or dark brown in color.
NEGRO, noun. Alternative letter-case form of Negro
NEGRO, noun. (dated) A person with black or dark brown skin and of African descent.
NEGRO BUG, noun. Any of the Thyreocorinae, a subfamily of shield bugs.
NEGRO BUGS, noun. Plural of negro bug
NEGRO CORN, noun. (archaic) durra; Indian millet
NEGRO LETHARGY, noun. (archaic) sleeping sickness
NEGRO MONKEY, noun. (archaic) The moor macaque.
NEGRO MONKEYS, noun. Plural of Negro monkey
NEGRO SPIRITUAL, noun. (music) A genre of African American song, usually with a Christian text, and sung a cappella with no harmony; it developed into gospel music.
NEGRO SPIRITUAL, noun. Synonym of spiritual.
NEGRO SPIRITUALS, noun. Plural of negro spiritual
NEGRO SPIRITUALS, noun. Plural of Negro spiritual
NEGRO YAM, noun. A kind of white-fleshed yam from Jamaica.
NEGRO YAMS, noun. Plural of negro yam

Dictionary definition

NEGRO, noun. A person with dark skin who comes from Africa (or whose ancestors came from Africa).
NEGRO, adjective. Relating to or characteristic of or being a member of the traditional racial division of mankind having brown to black pigmentation and tightly curled hair.

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