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CAUCASIAN, adjective. Of, or relating to the Caucasus region or its people, languages and culture.
CAUCASIAN, adjective. (anthropology) (archaic) Of a racial classification; pertaining to people having certain phenotypical features such as straight, wavy or curly hair and very light to brown pigmented skin, and originating from Europe, parts of Northern Africa and Western, Central and South Asia.
CAUCASIAN, adjective. (US) (of a person) White, being a white person: of European descent.
CAUCASIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of the Caucasus.
CAUCASIAN, noun. (anthropology) (archaic) A member of the Caucasian racial classification.
CAUCASIAN, noun. A person of European descent, a white person.
CAUCASIAN, noun. (linguistics) A group of languages spoken in the Caucasus area.
CAUCASIAN, noun. (humorous) (bartending) The White Russian, a cocktail consisting of coffee liqueur, vodka, and milk. Apparently originated in the 1998 film The Big Lebowski.
CAUCASIAN, adjective. Alternative letter-case form of Caucasian
CAUCASIAN ALBANIA, proper noun. An ancient region and kingdom south of Caucasus mountains, east of Armenia and west of the Caspian Sea.
CAUCASIAN IBERIA, proper noun. Another name of Iberia.
CAUCASIAN SHEPHERD, noun. A large breed of dog commonly used to guard livestock.
CAUCASIAN SHEPHERDS, noun. Plural of Caucasian shepherd
CAUCASIAN ZELKOVA, noun. Zelkova carpinifolia, a species of tree in the genus Zelkova.

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CAUCASIAN, noun. A member of the Caucasoid race.
CAUCASIAN, noun. A number of languages spoken in the Caucasus that are unrelated to languages spoken elsewhere.
CAUCASIAN, adjective. Of or relating to the geographical region of Caucasia; "Caucasian languages".
CAUCASIAN, adjective. Of or relating to Caucasian people.

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