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ASIAN, noun. A person from Asia.
ASIAN, noun. A person with Asian ancestry.
ASIAN, noun. (US) (Canada) (Australia) (NZ) A person from or with ancestry in East or Southeast Asia.
ASIAN, noun. (UK) (South Africa) A person from or with ancestry in the Indian subcontinent.
ASIAN, noun. A domestic cat of a breed similar to the Burmese.
ASIAN, adjective. Of, relating to or from Asia
ASIAN BADGER, noun. Meles leucurus, a badger native to China, Kazakhstan, the Korean Peninsula and Russia, generally lighter in colour than the European badger.
ASIAN BEARCAT, noun. Binturong
ASIAN BEARCATS, noun. Plural of Asian bearcat
ASIAN BLACK BEAR, noun. A bear of the species Ursus thibetanus.
ASIAN BLACK RAT, noun. The black rat.
ASIAN BLACK RATS, noun. Plural of Asian black rat
ASIAN CARP, noun. (US) Any of various species of heavy-bodied cyprinid fish, excluding those from the Indian Subcontinent, which are known as Indian carp.
ASIAN CONTAGION, noun. (slang) Asian flu
ASIAN CORN BORER, noun. Ostrinia furnacalis, a crambid moth found in regions from China to Australia, and known as an agricultural pest on several crops, especially corn.
ASIAN CORN BORERS, noun. Plural of Asian corn borer
ASIAN DUST, noun. Dust, sand, and other particulate matter from Mongolia, northern China, and Kazakhstan blown over China, Korea, and Japan in the spring.
ASIAN ELEPHANT, noun. An elephant, Elephas maximus, found in Asia.
ASIAN ELEPHANTS, noun. Plural of Asian elephant
ASIAN FLU, noun. A form of influenza that originated in China and became a worldwide pandemic in the 1950s.
ASIAN FLUSH, noun. Alcohol flush reaction
ASIAN GAMES, proper noun. An asian multi-sport event taking place every fourth year
ASIAN GIANT HORNET, noun. Vespa mandarinia, the world's largest hornet, native to temperate and tropical Eastern Asia, and having a powerful sting.
ASIAN GIANT HORNETS, noun. Plural of Asian giant hornet
ASIAN INDIAN, noun. (US) A citizen of Asian descent with ancestors in India.
ASIAN INDIANS, noun. Plural of Asian Indian
ASIAN LION, noun. Panthera leo persica, a subspecies of lion that inhabited Asia.
ASIAN LIONS, noun. Plural of Asian lion
ASIAN PEAR, noun. A fruit from species of pear from northeastern Asia, known better for their crisp, juicy texture then for their flavor
ASIAN PEAR, noun. The apple pear or Chinese pear, Pyrus pyrifolia
ASIAN PEAR, noun. The Chinese white pear, Pyrus × bretschneideri
ASIAN PEARS, noun. Plural of Asian pear.
ASIAN SEMI-LONGHAIR, noun. A rare domestic cat breed originating in Britain.
ASIAN SEMI-LONGHAIRS, noun. Plural of Asian Semi-longhair

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ASIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of Asia.
ASIAN, adjective. Of or relating to or characteristic of Asia or the peoples of Asia or their languages or culture; "Asian countries".

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