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BOROUGH, noun. (obsolete) A fortified town.
BOROUGH, noun. (rare) A town or city.
BOROUGH, noun. A town having a municipal corporation and certain traditional rights.
BOROUGH, noun. An administrative district in some cities, e.g., London.
BOROUGH, noun. An administrative unit of a city which, under most circumstances according to state or national law, would be considered a larger or more powerful entity; most commonly used in American English to define the five counties that make up New York City.
BOROUGH, noun. Other similar administrative units in cities and states in various parts of the world.
BOROUGH, noun. A district in Alaska having powers similar to a county.
BOROUGH, noun. (historical) (British) (legal) An association of men who gave pledges or sureties to the king for the good behaviour of each other.
BOROUGH, noun. (historical) (British) (legal) The pledge or surety thus given.
BOROUGH, proper noun. The area, properly called Southwark, just south of London Bridge.
BOROUGH ENGLISH, noun. (legal) (UK) (obsolete) patrilineal ultimogeniture; inheritance by the youngest surviving male child
BOROUGH SEAT, noun. A city which acts as the center of government for a borough in Alaska, in the United States.

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BOROUGH, noun. One of the administrative divisions of a large city.
BOROUGH, noun. An English town that forms the constituency of a member of parliament.

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