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BEE, noun. A flying insect, of the superfamily Apoidea, known for its organised societies and for collecting pollen and (in some species) producing wax and honey.
BEE, noun. A contest, especially for spelling; see spelling bee.
BEE, noun. A gathering for a specific purpose, e.g. a sewing bee or a quilting bee.
BEE, noun. (obsolete) A ring or torque; a bracelet.
BEE, verb. Obsolete spelling of be
BEE, verb. (obsolete) past participle of be; been
BEE, noun. The name of the Latin-script letter B/b.
BEE, noun. (nautical) (mostly plural) Any of the pieces of hard wood bolted to the sides of the bowsprit, to reeve the fore-topmast stays through.
BEE, noun. (soccer) someone connected with Barnet Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc.
BEE ASSASSIN, noun. Any insect in the genus Apiomerus, known for frequenting flowers to feed on the insects there.
BEE ASSASSINS, noun. Plural of bee assassin
BEE BALM, noun. The aromatic plant Monarda didyma or bergamot, native to North America.
BEE BALM, noun. Other species in the genus Monarda.
BEE BALMS, noun. Plural of bee balm
BEE BEETLE, noun. Any of the scarab beetles of the subfamily Trichiinae.
BEE BITE, noun. Alternative form of bee sting
BEE BITES, noun. Plural of bee bite
BEE CANDY, noun. A manufactured food for bees, used by bee-keepers
BEE ESCAPE, noun. A panel having holes or mesh allowing bees to be removed from a hive before honey is harvested
BEE ESCAPES, noun. Plural of bee escape
BEE FLIES, noun. Plural of bee fly
BEE FLY, noun. Any of the flies in the family Bombyliidae, with adults that look like bumblebees and larvae that are parasitic on the eggs or larvae of other insects.
BEE GLUE, noun. Propolis.
BEE HUMMINGBIRD, noun. A species of hummingbird, Mellisuga helenae, native to Cuba, noted for being the smallest living bird.
BEE IN ONE'S BONNET, noun. (idiomatic) Something of particular interest or concern; an obsession.
BEE LOUSE, noun. Any of the fly family Braulidae.
BEE MOTH, noun. Wax moth
BEE SMOKER, noun. (apiculture) A device that releases smoke intended to distract bees.
BEE SMOKERS, noun. Plural of bee smoker
BEE STING, noun. A hypodermic puncture from a Anthophila resulting in envenomation and often involving the penetration and lodging of a stinger
BEE STING, noun. (slang) (in the plural) Very small breasts.
BEE STINGS, noun. Plural of bee sting
BEE WINE, noun. A home-made wine made by fermenting sugar with yeast.
BEE WOLF, noun. Any of the solitary predatory wasps of the genus Philanthus.
BEE WOLVES, noun. Plural of bee wolf

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BEE, noun. Any of numerous hairy-bodied insects including social and solitary species.
BEE, noun. A social gathering to carry out some communal task or to hold competitions.

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