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NEST, noun. A structure built by a bird as a place to incubate eggs and rear young.
NEST, noun. A place used by another mammal, fish, amphibian or insect, for depositing eggs and hatching young.
NEST, noun. A snug, comfortable, or cozy residence or job situation.
NEST, noun. A retreat, or place of habitual resort.
NEST, noun. A hideout for bad people to frequent or haunt; a den.
NEST, noun. A home that a child or young adult shares with a parent, guardian, or a person acting in the capacity of a parent or guardian. A parental home.
NEST, noun. (cards) A fixed number of cards in some bidding games awarded to the highest bidder allowing him to exchange any or all with cards in his hand.
NEST, noun. (military) A fortified position for a weapon, e.g. a machine gun nest.
NEST, noun. (computing) A structure consisting of nested structures, such as nested loops or nested subroutine calls.
NEST, noun. A circular bed of pasta, rice, etc. to be topped or filled with other foods.
NEST, noun. (geology) An aggregated mass of any ore or mineral, in an isolated state, within a rock.
NEST, noun. A collection of boxes, cases, or the like, of graduated size, each put within the one next larger.
NEST, noun. A compact group of pulleys, gears, springs, etc., working together or collectively.
NEST, verb. (intransitive) (of animals) To build or settle into a nest.
NEST, verb. (intransitive) To settle into a home.
NEST, verb. (intransitive) To successively neatly fit inside another.
NEST, verb. (transitive) To place in, or as if in, a nest.
NEST, verb. (transitive) To place one thing neatly inside another, and both inside yet another (and so on).
NEST, verb. (intransitive) To hunt for birds' nests or their contents (usually "go nesting").
NEST, noun. (education) native English-speaking teacher
NEST BOX, noun. A man-made box provided for wild birds or small animals to nest in
NEST BOXES, noun. Plural of nest box
NEST EGG, noun. A natural or artificial egg placed in a bird's nest, to encourage the bird to lay its own eggs there.
NEST EGG, noun. (idiomatic) A savings; a reserve of money.
NEST EGG, noun. An egg squash.
NEST EGGS, noun. Plural of nest egg
NEST SCRAPE, noun. A shallow depression used by ground birds as a nest; a scrape.
NEST SCRAPES, noun. Plural of nest scrape

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NEST, noun. A structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young.
NEST, noun. A kind of gun emplacement; "a machine-gun nest"; "a nest of snipers".
NEST, noun. A cosy or secluded retreat.
NEST, noun. A gang of people (criminals or spies or terrorists) assembled in one locality; "a nest of thieves".
NEST, noun. Furniture pieces made to fit close together.
NEST, verb. Inhabit a nest, usually after building; "birds are nesting outside my window every Spring".
NEST, verb. Fit together or fit inside; "nested bowls".
NEST, verb. Move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position; "We cuddled against each other to keep warm"; "The children snuggled into their sleeping bags".
NEST, verb. Gather nests.

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