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NOCTURNAL, adjective. (of a person, creature, group, or species) Primarily active during the night.
NOCTURNAL, adjective. (of an occurrence) Taking place at night, nightly.
NOCTURNAL, noun. A person or creature that is active at night.
NOCTURNAL, noun. (historical) A device for telling the time at night, rather like a sundial but read according to the stars.
NOCTURNAL DELIRIA, noun. Plural of nocturnal delirium
NOCTURNAL DELIRIUM, noun. (medicine) (psychology) (psychiatry) A state of agitation or confusion, especially in elderly patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia, which begins daily at nightfall and which is alleviated by daylight.
NOCTURNAL EMISSION, noun. An ejaculation or orgasm while asleep, often accompanied by an erotic dream.
NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, noun. Plural of nocturnal emission
NOCTURNAL PENILE TUMESCENCE, noun. (euphemistic) An erection during sleep or on waking up.

Dictionary definition

NOCTURNAL, adjective. Belonging to or active during the night; "nocturnal animals are active at night"; "nocturnal plants have flowers that open at night and close by day".
NOCTURNAL, adjective. Of or relating to or occurring in the night; "nocturnal darkness".

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