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ENDOGENOUS, adjective. Produced, originating or growing from within
ENDOGENOUS, adjective. Of a natural process or caused by factors within the body
ENDOGENOUS RETROVIRUS, noun. (Can we clean up([1]) this sense?) A retrovirus part of an species' genome through long-ago infection.
ENDOGENOUS RETROVIRUSES, noun. Plural of endogenous retrovirus
ENDOGENOUS VIRAL ELEMENT, noun. Viral DNA embedded within the genome of a non-virus organism which is left over from an ancestral infection which integrated viral DNA into the genomic heritage of the organism's ancestry
ENDOGENOUS VIRAL ELEMENTS, noun. Plural of endogenous viral element

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ENDOGENOUS, adjective. Of or resembling an endogen.
ENDOGENOUS, adjective. Derived or originating internally.

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