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THYROID, noun. (anatomy) The thyroid gland.
THYROID, noun. The thyroid cartilage.
THYROID, noun. (medicine) A preparation obtained from the thyroid gland.
THYROID, adjective. Referring to the gland situated in the neck and its blood vessels, etc.
THYROID CARTILAGE, noun. (anatomy) The largest cartilage in the larynx; the Adam’s apple
THYROID GLAND, noun. (anatomy) A large butterfly-shaped endocrine gland situated on the front of the neck that produces various hormones. Removal due to thyroid cancer is termed a total thyroidectomy.
THYROID GLANDS, noun. Plural of thyroid gland

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THYROID, noun. Located near the base of the neck.
THYROID, adjective. Of or relating to the thyroid gland; "thyroid deficiency"; "thyroidal uptake".
THYROID, adjective. Suggestive of a thyroid disorder; "thyroid personality".

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