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CERVICAL, adjective. (anatomy) of the neck
CERVICAL, adjective. (anatomy) of the cervix
CERVICAL, noun. A cervical vertebra
CERVICAL CANCER, noun. (pathology) A type of cancer of the cervix of the uterus which can afflict some female mammals including humans. The term usually does not refer to cancer of the neck or other parts of the anatomy which use the term cervix.
CERVICAL CAP, noun. A small, latex or silicone, contraceptive device that fits over the cervix and stays in place either by suction, like Prentif or by surface viscosity, like Oves.
CERVICAL CAPS, noun. Plural of cervical cap
CERVICAL COLLAR, noun. A neck brace
CERVICAL COLLARS, noun. Plural of cervical collar
CERVICAL SMEAR, noun. (chiefly gynaecology) A screening test to detect pre-cancerous and cancerous cells by taking a sample (‘smear’) of cells from the cervix.
CERVICAL SMEARS, noun. Plural of cervical smear
CERVICAL SPINE, noun. (anatomy) The five vertebrae below the skull that protect the spinal cord.
CERVICAL SPINES, noun. Plural of cervical spine
CERVICAL VERTEBRA, noun. Any of the seven vertebrae of the neck.
CERVICAL VERTEBRAE, noun. Plural of cervical vertebra
CERVICAL VERTEBRAS, noun. Plural of cervical vertebra

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CERVICAL, adjective. Of or relating to the cervix of the uterus; "cervical cancer".
CERVICAL, adjective. Relating to or associated with the neck.

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