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DISTAL, adjective. (anatomy) (geology) Remote from the point of attachment or origin; as, the distal end of a bone or muscle.
DISTAL, adjective. (dentistry) Facing the wisdom tooth or temporomandibular joint on the same side of the jaw.
DISTAL, adjective. (linguistics) Far from the speaker.
DISTAL CONVOLUTED TUBULE, noun. (anatomy) The section of the nephron in the kidney that connects the loop of Henle to the collecting duct system.
DISTAL GOAL, noun. A long-term or primary goal
DISTAL PHALANGE, noun. Any of the phalanx bones at the tip of the fingers or toes.
DISTAL PHALANGES, noun. Plural of distal phalange

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DISTAL, adjective. Situated farthest from point of attachment or origin, as of a limb or bone.
DISTAL, adjective. Directed away from the midline or mesial plane of the body.

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