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INSERTION, noun. The act of inserting, or something inserted.
INSERTION, noun. (anatomy) The distal end of attachment of a muscle to a bone that will be moved by the muscle.
INSERTION, noun. (genetics) The addition of a nucleotide to a chromosome by mutation.
INSERTION ORDER, noun. (business) (marketing) A document that specifies the dates and scope of a media buy. Used in print, online, and broadcast media.
INSERTION ORDERS, noun. Plural of insertion order
INSERTION REACTION, noun. (organic chemistry) A class of reaction in which a bond (typically a double bond) is broken and a small molecule (such as carbon monoxide) is inserted in its place
INSERTION SORT, noun. (computer science) A sorting algorithm that performs its task by inserting new items into an already-existing sorted data structure.
INSERTION SORTS, noun. Plural of insertion sort

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INSERTION, noun. A message (spoken or written) that is introduced or inserted; "with the help of his friend's interpolations his story was eventually told"; "with many insertions in the margins".
INSERTION, noun. The act of putting one thing into another.

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