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LEXICAL, adjective. (linguistics) concerning the vocabulary, words or morphemes of a language
LEXICAL, adjective. (linguistics) concerning lexicography or a lexicon or dictionary
LEXICAL ANALYSIS, noun. (computer science) The conversion of a stream of characters to a stream of meaningful tokens; normally to simplify parsing.
LEXICAL ANALYZER, noun. (computing) A computer program that performs lexical analysis.
LEXICAL ANALYZERS, noun. Plural of lexical analyzer
LEXICAL CATEGORIES, noun. Plural of lexical category
LEXICAL CATEGORY, noun. (grammar) A linguistic category of words (or more precisely lexical items), generally defined by the syntactic or morphological behaviour of the lexical item in question, such as noun or verb.
LEXICAL CORRESPONDENCE, noun. (linguistics) A set of cognate words or morphemes in two or more related languages, where regular sound correspondences occur between the phonemes contained in the words.
LEXICAL DEFINITION, noun. The meaning of a word in actual usage by speakers of a certain language.
LEXICAL ITEM, noun. (semantics) A term—word or a sequence of words—that acts as a unit of meaning, including words, phrases, phrasal verbs and proverbs, exemplified by "cat", "traffic light", "take care of", "by-the-way", and "don't count your chickens before they hatch".
LEXICAL ITEMS, noun. Plural of lexical item
LEXICAL SCOPING, noun. (programming) The property of being lexically scoped.
LEXICAL SEMANTICS, noun. (linguistics) The study of how the words of a language denote either things in the real world or concepts.
LEXICAL UNIT, noun. (semantics) A lexical item.
LEXICAL UNITS, noun. Plural of lexical unit
LEXICAL WARFARE, noun. Battles taking place over how a term is to be understood.

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LEXICAL, adjective. Of or relating to words; "lexical decision task".
LEXICAL, adjective. Of or relating to dictionaries.

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