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VERB, noun. (grammar) A word that indicates an action, event, or state.
VERB, noun. (obsolete) Any word; a vocable.
VERB, verb. (transitive) (nonstandard) (colloquial) To use any word that is not a verb (especially a noun) as if it were a verb.
VERB, verb. (used as a neutral, unspecific verb) (often in linguistics and the social sciences) To perform any action that is normally expressed by a verb.
VERB PHRASE, noun. (linguistics) A construction in a clause consisting of a verb and its internal complements, objects, or modifiers.
VERB PHRASE, noun. (grammar) A phrase that functions syntactically as a verb, consisting of a main verb and any auxiliaries.
VERB PHRASES, noun. Plural of verb phrase

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VERB, noun. The word class that serves as the predicate of a sentence.
VERB, noun. A content word that denotes an action, occurrence, or state of existence.

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