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MARKER, noun. An object used to mark a location.
MARKER, noun. Someone or something that marks.
MARKER, noun. One who keeps account of a game played, as of billiards.
MARKER, noun. A counter used in card games and other games.
MARKER, noun. The soldier who forms the pilot of a wheeling column, or marks the direction of an alignment.
MARKER, noun. An attachment to a sewing machine for marking a line on the fabric by creasing it.
MARKER, noun. A real or virtual objective, something to be aimed for.
MARKER, noun. A felt-tipped pen.
MARKER, noun. (US) (slang) A signed note of a debt to be paid.
MARKER, noun. (US) (slang) (figuratively) A nonmonetary debt owed to someone, especially in return for a favor.
MARKER, noun. (paintball) A device that fires a paintball
MARKER, noun. (sports)
MARKER, noun. A defending player who stays close to an opponent in order to mark them.
MARKER, noun. (dated) A player employed by a private club and available to compete against members.
MARKER, noun. A gene or DNA sequence with a known location on a chromosome that can be used to identify individuals or species.
MARKER, noun. (In competition law) A recognition given by a competition authority that a company is the first to approach it to reveal the existence of a cartel, as a prelude to a formal application for leniency for the company.
MARKER, verb. To mark or write on (something) using a marker
MARKER BED, noun. (geology) A rock unit with distinctive stratigraphic features which can be traced over a wide area.
MARKER DEGRADATION, noun. (chemistry) A three-step synthetic route in steroid chemistry, used for the production of cortisone and mammalian sex hormones from plant steroids.
MARKER GENE, noun. (genetics) A gene with a known location in a chromosome; used to track the insertion of DNA into organisms
MARKER INTERFACE, noun. (software) (object-oriented) A special type of interface without any constants or methods defined, and that is used just to mark a class.
MARKER INTERFACE PATTERN, noun. (software) (object-oriented) A software design pattern in computer science, used with languages that provide run-time type information about objects.
MARKER INTERFACE PATTERNS, noun. Plural of marker interface pattern
MARKER INTERFACES, noun. Plural of marker interface
MARKER PEN, noun. A pen, often with a thick tip made of felt.
MARKER PENS, noun. Plural of marker pen

Dictionary definition

MARKER, noun. Some conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something; "the buoys were markers for the channel".
MARKER, noun. A distinguishing symbol; "the owner's mark was on all the sheep".
MARKER, noun. A writing implement for making a mark.

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