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ADJECTIVE, adjective. (obsolete) Incapable of independent function.
ADJECTIVE, adjective. (grammar) Adjectival; pertaining to or functioning as an adjective.
ADJECTIVE, adjective. (legal) Applying to methods of enforcement and rules of procedure.
ADJECTIVE, adjective. (chemistry) (of a dye) Needing the use of a mordant to be made fast to that which is being dyed.
ADJECTIVE, noun. (grammar) A word that modifies a noun or describes a noun’s referent.
ADJECTIVE, noun. (obsolete) A dependent; an accessory.
ADJECTIVE, verb. (transitive) To make an adjective of; to form or convert into an adjective.
ADJECTIVE PHRASE, noun. (grammar) A phrase that collectively modifies or describes a noun or pronoun and which can usually be used both attributively and predicatively, can be graded, and be modified by an adverb.
ADJECTIVE PHRASES, noun. Plural of adjective phrase

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ADJECTIVE, noun. A word that expresses an attribute of something.
ADJECTIVE, noun. The word class that qualifies nouns.
ADJECTIVE, adjective. Of or relating to or functioning as an adjective; "adjectival syntax"; "an adjective clause".
ADJECTIVE, adjective. Relating to court practice and procedure as opposed to the principles of law; "adjective law".

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