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VOWEL, noun. (phonetics) A sound produced by the vocal cords with relatively little restriction of the oral cavity, forming the prominent sound of a syllable.
VOWEL, noun. A letter representing the sound of vowel; in English, the vowels are a, e, i, o and u, and sometimes y.
VOWEL HARMONY, noun. (linguistics) A phonological process involving vowels in some languages, setting constraints on what vowels (e.g. front/back vowels only) may be found near each other and sometimes in the entire word.
VOWEL POINT, noun. Nikud
VOWEL POINTING, noun. The insertion of nikud, or vowel points, in Hebrew text
VOWEL POINTS, noun. Plural of vowel point
VOWEL QUANTITY, noun. (idiomatic) A vowel’s duration of articulation; its length.
VOWEL QUANTITY, noun. (unidiomatic) A quantity of vowels.

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VOWEL, noun. A speech sound made with the vocal tract open.
VOWEL, noun. A letter of the alphabet standing for a spoken vowel.

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