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ASSIMILATE, verb. To incorporate nutrients into the body, especially after digestion.
ASSIMILATE, verb. To incorporate or absorb knowledge into the mind.
ASSIMILATE, verb. To absorb a group of people into a community.
ASSIMILATE, verb. To compare a thing to something similar.
ASSIMILATE, verb. To bring to a likeness or to conformity; to cause a resemblance between.

Dictionary definition

ASSIMILATE, verb. Take up mentally; "he absorbed the knowledge or beliefs of his tribe".
ASSIMILATE, verb. Become similar to one's environment; "Immigrants often want to assimilate quickly".
ASSIMILATE, verb. Make similar; "This country assimilates immigrants very quickly".
ASSIMILATE, verb. Take (gas, light or heat) into a solution.
ASSIMILATE, verb. Become similar in sound; "The nasal assimilates to the following consonant".

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