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NASAL, adjective. (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the nose.
NASAL, adjective. (phonetics) Having a quality imparted by means of the nose; and specifically, made by lowering the soft palate, in some cases with closure of the oral passage, the voice thus issuing (wholly or partially) through the nose, as in the consonants m, n, ng; characterized by resonance in the nasal passage; as, a nasal vowel; a nasal utterance.
NASAL, noun. An elementary sound which is uttered through the nose, or through both the nose and the mouth simultaneously, such as m and n.
NASAL, noun. (medicine) (archaic) A medicine that operates through the nose; an errhine.
NASAL, noun. (phonetics) A nasal vowel or consonant.
NASAL, noun. (now historical) Part of a helmet projecting to protect the nose; a nose guard.
NASAL, noun. (anatomy) One of the nasal bones.
NASAL, noun. (zoology) A plate, or scale, on the nose of a fish, etc.
NASAL BONE, noun. (anatomy) Either of two small oblong bones which form, by their junction, "the bridge" of the nose.
NASAL BONES, noun. Plural of nasal bone
NASAL CAVITIES, noun. Plural of nasal cavity
NASAL CAVITY, noun. (anatomy) A large air-filled space above and behind the nose in the middle of the face.
NASAL CONCHA, noun. (anatomy) Any one of the three thin bony plates on the lateral wall of the nasal cavity.
NASAL CONCHAE, noun. Plural of nasal concha
NASAL CONGESTION, noun. (pathology) The blockage of the nasal passages usually due to membranes lining the nose becoming swollen from inflamed blood vessels.
NASAL CONSONANT, noun. A consonant sound produced by air moving though the nose with the mouth passage occluded. Examples of this sound include the English sounds m, n, and ng.
NASAL CYCLE, noun. The periodic alternation in the use of the left or the right nostril more actively for breathing, occurring in humans, caused by periodic swelling of the nasal conchae on one side of the nose and its reversal.
NASAL CYCLES, noun. Plural of nasal cycle
NASAL DEMON, noun. (computing) (programming) (slang) (humorous) (mostly plural) Unexpected behavior of a compiled program as a result of source code that employs an undefined construct.
NASAL DEMONS, noun. Plural of nasal demon
NASAL FOSSA, noun. (anatomy) Either lateral half of the nasal cavity.
NASAL IRRIGATION, noun. (hygiene) A personal hygiene practice which involves flooding the nasal cavity with warm saline solution (salt water).
NASAL MUTATION, noun. An alteration of the initial consonant of a word which occurs in certain Celtic languages under particular linguistic circumstances.
NASAL MUTATIONS, noun. Plural of nasal mutation
NASAL OBSTRUCTION, noun. (pathology) An obstruction of the nasal cavity that reduces the flow of the air, regardless of the cause.
NASAL POLYP, noun. A growth in the nose commonly connected with allergic rhinitis, but not directly caused by it, arising mainly from the mucous membranes and paranasal sinuses.
NASAL POLYPS, noun. Plural of nasal polyp
NASAL SEPTUM, noun. (anatomy) A septum in the nose, separating the left and right airways in the nose, dividing the two nostrils.
NASAL VOWEL, noun. (phonetics) A vowel that is produced with a lowering of the velum so that air escapes both through nose as well as the mouth.
NASAL VOWELS, noun. Plural of nasal vowel

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NASAL, noun. A consonant produced through the nose with the mouth closed.
NASAL, noun. An elongated rectangular bone that forms the bridge of the nose.
NASAL, adjective. Of or in or relating to the nose; "nasal passages".
NASAL, adjective. Sounding as if the nose were pinched; "a whining nasal voice".

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