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SKULL, noun. (anatomy) The main bones of the head considered as a unit; the cranium.
SKULL, noun. A symbol for death; death's-head
SKULL, verb. To hit in the head with a fist, a weapon, or a thrown object.
SKULL, noun. Obsolete form of school.
SKULL AND CROSSBONES, noun. An outline of a human skull and two crossed bones; a symbol of death traditionally used on the Jolly Roger, but now used as a warning on poisons.
SKULL CAP, noun. Alternative spelling of skullcap
SKULL CAPS, noun. Plural of skull cap
SKULL FUCK, verb. Alternative spelling of skull-fuck
SKULL FUCKING, noun. (vulgar) (slang) Aggressive deepthroat fellatio.

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SKULL, noun. The bony skeleton of the head of vertebrates.

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