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SHATTER, verb. (transitive) to violently break something into pieces.
SHATTER, verb. (transitive) to destroy or disable something.
SHATTER, verb. (intransitive) to smash, or break into tiny pieces.
SHATTER, verb. (transitive) to dispirit or emotionally defeat
SHATTER, verb. (obsolete) To scatter about.
SHATTER, noun. (archaic) A fragment of anything shattered.
SHATTER BOX, noun. Alternative spelling of shatterbox
SHATTER BOXES, noun. Plural of shatter box
SHATTER THE ICE, verb. (usually figurative) To break the ice in a sudden or dramatic fashion.

Dictionary definition

SHATTER, verb. Break into many pieces; "The wine glass shattered".
SHATTER, verb. Damage or destroy; "The news of her husband's death shattered her life".
SHATTER, verb. Cause to break into many pieces; "shatter the plate".

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