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ARMOR, noun. (uncountable) A protective layer over a body, vehicle, or other object intended to deflect or diffuse damaging forces.
ARMOR, noun. (uncountable) A natural form of this kind of protection on an animal's body.
ARMOR, noun. (uncountable) Metal plate, protecting a ship, military vehicle, or aircraft.
ARMOR, noun. (countable) A tank, or other heavy mobile assault vehicle.
ARMOR, noun. (military) (uncountable) A military formation consisting primarily of tanks or other armoured fighting vehicles, collectively.
ARMOR, noun. (hydrology) (uncountable) The naturally occurring surface of pebbles, rocks or boulders that line the bed of a waterway or beach and provide protection against erosion.
ARMOR, verb. (transitive) To equip something with armor or a protective coating or hardening.
ARMOR, verb. (transitive) To provide something with an analogous form of protection.

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ARMOR, noun. Protective covering made of metal and used in combat.
ARMOR, noun. A military unit consisting of armored fighting vehicles.
ARMOR, noun. Tough more-or-less rigid protective covering of an animal or plant.
ARMOR, verb. Equip with armor.

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