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STEALTH, noun. (uncountable) The attribute or characteristic of acting in secrecy, or in such a way that the actions are unnoticed or difficult to detect by others.
STEALTH, noun. (archaic) (countable) An act of secrecy, especially one involving thievery.
STEALTH BOMBER, noun. (military) (aviation) A bomber (military aircraft) with a smaller than usual radar signature, due to its body shape, outer coating, and thermal dissipation.
STEALTH BOMBERS, noun. Plural of stealth bomber
STEALTH CAMPING, noun. (US) Camping out of sight on land not designated as a campsite, especially on land not used for habitation, agriculture etc.
STEALTH FIGHTER, noun. (military) (aviation) A fighter (military aircraft) that is invisible to radar because of its unique body shape, outer coating, and thermal dissipation.
STEALTH FIGHTERS, noun. Plural of stealth fighter
STEALTH TAX, noun. A new or increased tax or other similar charge treated in such a manner as to prevent people from being made aware of it
STEALTH TAX, noun. Mandatory rendering of money to a government that is not explicitly identified as a tax

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STEALTH, noun. Avoiding detection by moving carefully.

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