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JET, noun. A collimated stream, spurt or flow of liquid or gas from a pressurized container, an engine, etc.
JET, noun. A spout or nozzle for creating a jet of fluid.
JET, noun. A type of airplane using jet engines rather than propellers.
JET, noun. An engine that propels a vehicle using a stream of fluid as propulsion.
JET, noun. A turbine.
JET, noun. A rocket engine.
JET, noun. A part of a carburetor that controls the amount of fuel mixed with the air.
JET, noun. (physics) A narrow cone of hadrons and other particles produced by the hadronization of a quark or gluon.
JET, noun. (dated) Drift; scope; range, as of an argument.
JET, noun. (printing) (dated) The sprue of a type, which is broken from it when the type is cold.
JET, verb. (intransitive) To spray out of a container.
JET, verb. (intransitive) To travel on a jet aircraft or otherwise by jet propulsion
JET, verb. (intransitive) To move (running, walking etc.) rapidly around
JET, verb. To shoot forward or out; to project; to jut out.
JET, verb. To strut; to walk with a lofty or haughty gait; to be insolent; to obtrude.
JET, verb. To jerk; to jolt; to be shaken.
JET, adjective. Propelled by turbine engines.
JET, noun. A hard, black form of coal, sometimes used in jewellery.
JET, noun. The colour of jet coal, deep grey.
JET, adjective. Very dark black in colour.
JET, proper noun. A town in Oklahoma.
JET ANT, noun. A blackish European ant (Formica fuliginosa), which builds its nest of a paper-like material in the trunks of trees.
JET ANTS, noun. Plural of jet ant
JET BLACK, adjective. Alternative spelling of jet-black
JET BRIDGE, noun. An aerobridge.
JET BRIDGES, noun. Plural of jet bridge
JET D'EAU, noun. A stream of water spouting from a fountain or pipe (especially from one arranged to throw water upward), used as an ornament in a garden or public place.
JET D'EAU, noun. The fountain or pipe from which such a stream issues.
JET ENGINE, noun. An engine that obtains thrust by taking in air at the front, using it to burn fuel, then ejecting the hot combustion products at the rear through a propulsive nozzle
JET ENGINE, noun. Any engine propelled by expelling a high speed fluid jet (jet propulsion), such as a rocket, turbojet, turbofan, ramjet etc.
JET ENGINES, noun. Plural of jet engine
JET FIGHTER, noun. A fighter aircraft with one or more jet engines.
JET FIGHTERS, noun. Plural of jet fighter
JET INJECTOR, noun. A kind of medical syringe that uses a high-pressure narrow jet of liquid instead of a hypodermic needle to penetrate the epidermis.
JET JOCKEY, noun. (slang) The pilot of a jet fighter aircraft.
JET JOCKEYS, noun. Plural of jet jockey
JET LAG, noun. A physical condition caused by crossing time zones during flight; often the result of disruption to the circadian rhythms of the body.
JET LAGS, noun. Plural of jet lag
JET LINER, noun. Alternative form of jetliner
JET LINERS, noun. Alternative form of jetliners plural of jet liner
JET MACHINE, noun. Any of several devices that use a jet of water or abrasive mixture to clean something
JET OFF, verb. (intransitive) To go by airplane to a destination.
JET OFF, verb. (intransitive) To depart hurriedly
JET PACK, noun. (aviation) A piece of equipment that may be strapped to a person’s back and generate vertical thrust by a downward discharge of jet fluid, thereby rendering the person capable of flight.
JET PACKS, noun. Plural of jet pack
JET PLANE, noun. A jet: an airplane that is powered by a jet engine.
JET PLANES, noun. Plural of jet plane
JET PROPULSION, noun. Propulsion that is caused by the expulsion of a jet of fluid, especially by a jet engine
JET PROPULSION, noun. The study of devices propelled by jet propulsion
JET SET, noun. (idiomatic) A social class of wealthy people who travel for pleasure.
JET SET, adjective. Relating to the life style of the jet set.
JET SET, verb. To follow the life style of the jet set.
JET SETS, noun. Plural of jet set
JET SETTER, noun. Alternative spelling of jet-setter
JET SETTERS, noun. Plural of jet setter
JET SETTING, noun. Alternative spelling of jet-setting
JET SKI, noun. A small motorized water craft with a flattish hull and an upright centre, which a rider sits astride.
JET SKIS, noun. Plural of jet ski
JET STREAM, noun. (meteorology) any of the high-speed, high-altitude air currents that circle the Earth in a westerly direction
JET STREAMS, noun. Plural of jet stream

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JET, noun. An airplane powered by one or more jet engines.
JET, noun. The occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid).
JET, noun. A hard black form of lignite that takes a brilliant polish and is used in jewelry or ornamentation.
JET, noun. Atmospheric discharges (lasting 10 msec) bursting from the tops of giant storm clouds in blue cones that widen as they flash upward.
JET, noun. Street names for ketamine.
JET, noun. An artificially produced flow of water.
JET, verb. Issue in a jet; come out in a jet; stream or spring forth; "Water jetted forth"; "flames were jetting out of the building".
JET, verb. Fly a jet plane.
JET, adjective. Of the blackest black; similar to the color of jet or coal.

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