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COMBUSTION, noun. (chemistry) The act or process of burning.
COMBUSTION, noun. A process where two chemicals are combined to produce heat.
COMBUSTION, noun. A process wherein a fuel is combined with oxygen, usually at high temperature, releasing heat.
COMBUSTION, noun. (figuratively) Violent agitation, tumult.
COMBUSTION CHAMBER, noun. An enclosed space, within a heat engine, in which the fuel is mixed and reacted with air or other oxidizing agent in a controlled manner
COMBUSTION CHAMBERS, noun. Plural of combustion chamber
COMBUSTION ENGINE, noun. An engine that uses the combustion of fuel to create work (movement)

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COMBUSTION, noun. A process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light.
COMBUSTION, noun. A state of violent disturbance and excitement; "combustion grew until revolt was unavoidable".
COMBUSTION, noun. The act of burning something; "the burning of leaves was prohibited by a town ordinance".

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