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SULFUR, noun. (uncountable) A chemical element (symbol S) with an atomic number of 16.
SULFUR, noun. (countable) (uncountable) A yellowish green colour, like that of sulfur.
SULFUR, adjective. Of a yellowish green colour, like that of sulfur.
SULFUR, verb. (transitive) To treat with sulfur, or a sulfur compound, especially to preserve or to counter agricultural pests.
SULFUR ACID, noun. Sulfuric acid
SULFUR ALCOHOL, noun. A thiol or mercaptan
SULFUR BACTERIA, noun. Plural of sulfur bacterium
SULFUR BACTERIUM, noun. Any of several bacteria which oxidize inorganic sulfur compounds, especially those bacteria of the genus Thiobacillus
SULFUR BATH, noun. A curative bath in which the water used has sulfates dissolved in it; especially one in which the source of the water is a natural hot spring
SULFUR BUTTERFLY, noun. The cloudless sulfur
SULFUR CANDLE, noun. (American spelling) A candle-shaped device that emits sulfur dioxide when burnt; used to fumigate rooms
SULFUR CANDLES, noun. Plural of sulfur candle
SULFUR CAST, noun. A cast made by pouring prill sulfur into a depression; used forensically to take casts of prints in snow
SULFUR COCKATOO, noun. The sulfur-crested cockatoo
SULFUR CONE, noun. A conical deposit of sulfur condensed from a fumarole
SULFUR CYCLE, noun. (chemistry) (biochemistry) the natural cycle which includes the mineralization of organic sulfur to sulfide, oxidation of this to sulfate, and reduction of this to sulfide followed by microbial incorporation of this into organic compounds
SULFUR DIBROMIDE, noun. (chemistry) a gaseous binary compound, SBr2, of sulfur and bromine
SULFUR DIOXIDE, noun. (American spelling) (inorganic compound) A toxic gas, of molecular formula SO2 that is found in the emissions of volcanos and those of burning coal or petroleum; dissolves in water to form sulfurous acid and, in the presence of oxygen, sulfuric acid, and is thus responsible for acid rain.
SULFUR ETHER, noun. (chemistry) a thioether
SULFUR FUNGUS, noun. A yellow fungus of the phylum Basidiomycetes, which grows on the sides of trees and can reach several metres in width; it is edible when small.
SULFUR HEXAFLUORIDE, noun. (chemistry) a gaseous binary compound, SF6, of sulfur and fluorine, used in the electricity industry as a dielectric
SULFUR IMPRESSION, noun. A sulfur cast
SULFUR MATCH, noun. A match whose head consists of a mixture containing sulfur; a small amount of phosphorus is included either on the match, or on a striking surface in the case of a safety match
SULFUR MONOXIDE, noun. (inorganic compound) An unstable binary compound, SO, of sulfur and oxygen.
SULFUR MUSTARD, noun. A technical term for mustard gas.
SULFUR NITRIDE, noun. (chemistry) a simple binary compound of sulfur and nitrogen, S4N4, having a ring structure; it is explosive
SULFUR NITRIDE, noun. (chemistry) an inorganic polymer, [SN]n, that has metallic properties
SULFUR ORE, noun. Any ore containing elemental sulfur, or a sulfide from which it may be obtained
SULFUR OXIDE, noun. (chemistry) Any binary compound of sulfur and oxygen; either sulphur monoxide, sulfur dioxide or sulfur trioxide.
SULFUR OXIDES, noun. Plural of sulfur oxide
SULFUR PARAKEET, noun. The ring-necked parakeet, Psittacula krameri
SULFUR PEARL, noun. Alternative spelling of sulphur pearl
SULFUR PRINT, noun. A technique used to examine the surface of a metal for sulfide inclusions
SULFUR PYRITES, noun. The mineral pyrite
SULFUR RAIN, noun. Rain that has a pale yellow colour caused by impurities picked up by the falling raindrops
SULFUR SALT, noun. Salt with about 3% added sulfur; supplied in blocks as a feed supplement for cattle and sheep
SULFUR SHOWER, noun. A shower bath using sulfurous water, especially as part of a curative therapy
SULFUR SOAP, noun. A soap containing up to 10% of added sulfur, used as an antiseptic or antifungal treatment
SULFUR SPRING, noun. (American spelling) a spring of naturally sulfurous water, often of volcanic origin and therefore hot
SULFUR TREE, noun. Any tree whose branches are covered with yellow club moss spores
SULFUR TRIOXIDE, noun. (inorganic compound) A corrosive liquid, SO3, which forms sulfuric acid on contact with water; made commercially by the oxidation of sulfur dioxide.
SULFUR TUFT, noun. (mushroom) A yellow poisonous fungus, Hypholoma fasciculare (= Naematoloma fasciculare).
SULFUR TUFTS, noun. Plural of sulfur tuft
SULFUR WEED, noun. Sulphurwort
SULFUR WORKS, proper noun. An array of geothermal vents in the Lassen Volcanic National Park, California
SULFUR YELLOW, noun. A yellow colour similar to that of the element sulfur

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SULFUR, noun. An abundant tasteless odorless multivalent nonmetallic element; best known in yellow crystals; occurs in many sulphide and sulphate minerals and even in native form (especially in volcanic regions).
SULFUR, verb. Treat with sulphur in order to preserve; "These dried fruits are sulphured".

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