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OZONE, noun. (chemistry) An allotrope of oxygen (symbol O3) having three atoms in the molecule instead of the usual two; it is a blue gas, generated from oxygen by electrical discharge.
OZONE, noun. (from an erroneous former belief that seaweed contains and releases ozone) Fresh air, especially that breathed at the seaside and smelling of seaweed.
OZONE HOLE, noun. A region of the stratosphere over Antarctica (and a smaller one over the Arctic) that is depleted of ozone in the local spring.
OZONE LAYER, noun. A region of the stratosphere, between 15 and 30 kilometres in altitude, containing a relatively high concentration of ozone; it absorbs most solar ultraviolet radiation
OZONE PAPER, noun. Paper coated with starch and potassium iodide, turning blue when exposed to ozone.
OZONE PAPERS, noun. Plural of ozone paper
OZONE RESISTANCE, noun. (chemistry) The ability of a material to resist the deteriorating effects of ozone exposure.
OZONE THERAPY, noun. (alternative medicine) A treatment that purports to increase the amount of oxygen to the body through the introduction of ozone by various means.

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OZONE, noun. A colorless gas (O3) soluble in alkalis and cold water; a strong oxidizing agent; can be produced by electric discharge in oxygen or by the action of ultraviolet radiation on oxygen in the stratosphere (where it acts as a screen for ultraviolet radiation).

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