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ATMOSPHERIC, adjective. Of, relating to, produced by, or coming from the atmosphere.
ATMOSPHERIC, adjective. (painting) Translucent or hazy.
ATMOSPHERIC, adjective. Evoking a particular emotional or aesthetic quality.
ATMOSPHERIC PERSPECTIVE, noun. (arts) A technique in which an illusion of depth is created by painting more distant objects with less clarity, and with a lighter tone
ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE, noun. (physics) (meteorology) The pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere above an area.
ATMOSPHERIC RIVER, noun. (meteorology) a narrow and long band of atmospheric moisture that transports a lot of water vapour, originating from the tropics, in a manner superficially similar to how a terrestrial river transports water
ATMOSPHERIC RIVERS, noun. Plural of atmospheric river
ATMOSPHERIC TIDE, noun. Pressure waves in the atmosphere similar to the tides of the ocean, produced by the gravitational influence of the moon and by thermal expansion and contraction.

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ATMOSPHERIC, adjective. Relating to or located in the atmosphere; "atmospheric tests".

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