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PRECIPITATION, noun. (meteorology) Any or all of the forms of water particles, whether liquid or solid, that fall from the atmosphere (e.g., rain, hail, snow or sleet). It is a major class of hydrometeor, but it is distinguished from cloud, fog, dew, rime, frost, etc., in that it must fall. It is distinguished from cloud and virga in that it must reach the ground.
PRECIPITATION, noun. A hurried headlong fall.
PRECIPITATION, noun. (countable) (chemistry) A reaction that leads to the formation of a heavier solid in a lighter liquid; the precipitate so formed at the bottom of the container.
PRECIPITATION, noun. (figuratively) Unwise or rash rapidity; sudden haste.
PRECIPITATION REACTION, noun. (chemistry) Any reversible reaction in which a product is continuously removed by precipitation, driving the reaction in one direction

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PRECIPITATION, noun. The quantity of water falling to earth at a specific place within a specified period of time; "the storm brought several inches of precipitation".
PRECIPITATION, noun. The process of forming a chemical precipitate.
PRECIPITATION, noun. The falling to earth of any form of water (rain or snow or hail or sleet or mist).
PRECIPITATION, noun. The act of casting down or falling headlong from a height.
PRECIPITATION, noun. An unexpected acceleration or hastening; "he is responsible for the precipitation of his own demise".
PRECIPITATION, noun. Overly eager speed (and possible carelessness); "he soon regretted his haste".

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