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WET, adjective. Of an object, etc, covered with or impregnated with liquid.
WET, adjective. Of weather or a time period, rainy.
WET, adjective. Made up of liquid or moisture.
WET, adjective. (informal) Of a person, ineffectual.
WET, adjective. (slang) (of a woman or girl) sexually aroused.
WET, adjective. (slang) (of a person) Inexperienced in a task or profession; having the characteristics of a rookie.
WET, adjective. (of a scientist or laboratory) Working with chemical or biological matter.
WET, adjective. (chemistry) Employing, or done by means of, water or some other liquid.
WET, adjective. Permitting alcoholic beverages, as during Prohibition.
WET, adjective. (fountain pens and calligraphy) Depositing a large amount of ink from the nib or the feed.
WET, adjective. (slang) (archaic) Refreshed with liquor; drunk.
WET, adjective. (of a burrito, sandwich, etc.) Covered in a sauce.
WET, noun. Liquid or moisture.
WET, noun. Rainy weather.
WET, noun. (British) (pejorative) A moderate Conservative.
WET, noun. (colloquial) An alcoholic drink.
WET, noun. (US) (colloquial) One who supports the consumption of alcohol and thus opposes Prohibition.
WET, verb. (transitive) To cover or impregnate with liquid.
WET, verb. (transitive) To accidentally urinate in or on.
WET, verb. (intransitive) To make or become wet.
WET, verb. (transitive) (soldering) To form an intermetallic bond between a solder and a metal substrate.
WET, verb. Misspelling of whet.
WET BAR, noun. An area for the preparation of alcoholic drinks, equipped with a countertop having a sink and running water and usually located in a home, hotel room, or similar quarters.
WET BEHIND THE EARS, adjective. (idiomatic) Inexperienced; not seasoned; new; just beginning; immature, especially in judgment.
WET BLANKET, noun. (idiomatic) A person who takes the fun out of a situation or activity, as by pessimism, demands, dullness, etc.
WET BLANKETS, noun. Plural of wet blanket
WET BOY, noun. (idiomatic) (US) (slang) A contractor assassin or hit man
WET BRAIN, noun. Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
WET CELL, noun. Any electrochemical cell whose electrolyte is a liquid
WET CHECK, noun. (dated) a condom.
WET CHECKS, noun. Plural of wet check
WET CHEMICAL, adjective. Relating to wet chemistry
WET CHEMISTRY, noun. (informal) (chemistry) Any of the traditional methods and techniques of chemistry, especially those of analytical chemistry that use gravimetric analysis or volumetric analysis rather than spectroscopy.
WET DOCK, noun. (nautical) A dock that has a constant level of water in which a vessel floats
WET DREAM, noun. (idiomatic) An ejaculation or orgasm while asleep, often accompanying an erotic dream.
WET DREAM, noun. (idiomatic) (by extension) An exciting fantasy; a very appealing, ideal thing, person, or state-of-affairs.
WET DREAMS, noun. Plural of wet dream
WET END, noun. The first section of a paper machine to which the pulp is delivered in a slurry form (as mixture of fiber and water).
WET FEET, DRY FEET POLICY, noun. (US) A policy allowing anybody who fled Cuba and entered the United States to stay and eventually pursue residency, with the exclusion of anybody found at sea.
WET FISH, noun. Fresh fish intended to be cooked
WET FLIES, noun. Plural of wet fly
WET FLY, noun. (fishing) A lure for fly fishing designed to be fished beneath the surface of the water.
WET GOODS, noun. (dated) (slang) intoxicating liquors
WET JOB, noun. (euphemistic) A covert assassination performed by government operatives.
WET JOB, noun. (figuratively) A vicious attack (on someone's reputation, ideals etc.); a hatchet job.
WET JOBS, noun. Plural of wet job
WET LEASE, noun. (aviation) The leasing of an airplane including crew, maintenance and insurance, usually for very short period of time.
WET LEASE, noun. Any similar arrangement for other types of equipment.
WET MARKET, noun. A market selling fresh meat and produce.
WET MARKETS, noun. Plural of wet market
WET NELLY, noun. (UK) (slang) Bread pudding.
WET NELLY, noun. Alternative form of wet Nelly
WET NELLY, noun. Alternative form of wet Nelly
WET NURSE, noun. A woman hired to suckle another woman's child.
WET NURSE, noun. (figuratively) (by extension) Someone who treats someone else with excessive care.
WET NURSE, verb. (transitive) To act as a wet nurse (in either sense.)
WET NURSED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of wet nurse
WET NURSES, noun. Plural of wet nurse
WET NURSING, verb. Present participle of wet nurse
WET ONE'S BEAK, verb. (idiomatic) To drink a beverage.
WET ONE'S BEAK, verb. (idiomatic) (gangster slang) To take one's share from the financial proceeds of illicit activity.
WET ONE'S PANTS, verb. (idiomatic) to wet oneself, to urinate in one's clothes when they're being worn.
WET ONE'S WHISTLE, verb. (idiomatic) To have a drink; to quench one's thirst.
WET ONESELF, verb. To lose control of one's bladder and involuntarily urinate into one's clothing.
WET PLATE, noun. (photography) A plate whose film retains its sensitivity only while wet. The film used in such plates is of collodion impregnated with bromides and iodides. Before exposure the plate is immersed in a solution of silver nitrate, and immediately after exposure it is developed and fixed.
WET PLATES, noun. Plural of wet plate
WET ROOM, noun. A bathroom (or area within a bathroom) in which a shower is not surrounded by any barrier
WET SEASON, noun. The part of the year when most of the rain falls.
WET SEASONS, noun. Plural of wet season
WET SUIT, noun. Alternative form of wetsuit
WET T-SHIRT COMPETITION, noun. A contest in which women wear t-shirts that are wet to make them slightly translucent, and others judge the women on appearance.
WET T-SHIRT COMPETITIONS, noun. Plural of wet t-shirt competition
WET T-SHIRT CONTEST, noun. A contest in which women wear t-shirts that are wet to make them slightly translucent so the breasts are visible, and others judge the women on appearance.
WET T-SHIRT CONTESTS, noun. Plural of wet t-shirt contest
WET THE BED, verb. (idiomatic) To urinate in one's bed (during sleep).
WET THE BED, verb. (euphemistic) To go bad, to fail (said of machines; a euphemism for shit the bed).
WET THE SHAMROCK, verb. (Ireland) (colloquial) to go for a drink, especially as part of a victory celebration or on St Patrick's Day.
WET THROUGH, adjective. Soaked, very wet
WET THROUGH, verb. To soak or drench thoroughly
WET WILLIES, noun. Plural of wet willy
WET WILLY, noun. (slang) A prank whereby a saliva-moistened finger is inserted into an unsuspecting person's ear, often with a slight twisting motion.
WET WIPE, noun. A small moistened piece of paper or cloth, used for cleaning or personal hygiene, often folded and individually wrapped for convenience.
WET WIPES, noun. Plural of wet wipe
WET WORK, noun. (euphemistic) Covert assassination performed by government operatives.

Dictionary definition

WET, noun. Wetness caused by water; "drops of wet gleamed on the window".
WET, verb. Cause to become wet; "Wet your face".
WET, verb. Make one's bed or clothes wet by urinating; "This eight year old boy still wets his bed".
WET, adjective. Covered or soaked with a liquid such as water; "a wet bathing suit"; "wet sidewalks"; "wet weather".
WET, adjective. Containing moisture or volatile components; "wet paint".
WET, adjective. Supporting or permitting the legal production and sale of alcoholic beverages; "a wet candidate running on a wet platform"; "a wet county".
WET, adjective. Producing or secreting milk; "a wet nurse"; "a wet cow"; "lactating cows".
WET, adjective. Consisting of or trading in alcoholic liquor; "a wet cargo"; "a wet canteen".
WET, adjective. Very drunk.

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