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WASHING, noun. (uncountable) The action of the verb to wash
WASHING, noun. (uncountable) (chiefly British) (NZ) Clothing, bedlinen or soft furnishings that have been, are currently being, or are to be washed; laundry.
WASHING, noun. (countable) (often in the plural) The residue after an ore, etc, has been washed
WASHING, noun. The liquid used to wash an ore.
WASHING, noun. A place where a precious metal found in gravel is separated from lighter material by washing.
WASHING, noun. A thin covering or coat.
WASHING, noun. (stock exchange) A fraudulent transaction in which the same stock is simultaneously bought and sold for the purpose of manipulating the market.
WASHING, noun. (pottery) The covering of a piece with an infusible powder, which prevents it from sticking to its supports, while receiving the glaze.
WASHING, verb. Present participle of wash
WASHING BEAR, noun. A raccoon.
WASHING BOTTLE, noun. (chemistry) A bottle fitted with glass tubes passing through the cork, so that on blowing into one of the tubes a stream of water issuing from the other may be directed upon anything to be washed or rinsed, as a precipitate upon a filter, etc.
WASHING DAY, noun. Formerly, a day of the week on which a household’s laundry would be washed and dried; traditionally a Monday in Britain
WASHING LINE, noun. Clothesline
WASHING MACHINE, noun. A machine, usually automatic, which washes clothes etc.
WASHING MACHINES, noun. Plural of washing machine
WASHING OF FEET, noun. (religion) A ritual washing of churchgoers feet by clergy practised by some Christians, especially associated with Maundy Thursday
WASHING OFF, verb. Present participle of wash off
WASHING POWDER, noun. A powder used in washing clothes, etc.; a detergent.
WASHING SHERRY, noun. (humorous) (derogatory) Cheap sherry.
WASHING SODA, noun. Sodium carbonate used as a laundry aid
WASHING STUFF, noun. (mining) Any earthy deposit containing enough gold to pay for washing it.
WASHING UP, verb. Present participle of wash up

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WASHING, noun. The work of cleansing (usually with soap and water).
WASHING, noun. Garments or white goods that can be cleaned by laundering.

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