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LINEN, noun. (uncountable) Thread or cloth made from flax fiber.
LINEN, noun. (countable) Domestic textiles, such as tablecloths, bedding, towels, under clothes, etc., that are made of linen or linen-like fabrics of cotton or other fibers; linens.
LINEN, noun. A light beige colour, like that of linen cloth undyed.
LINEN BASKET, noun. A basket for holding and transporting textiles.
LINEN BASKET, noun. A laundry basket.
LINEN CLOSET, noun. A shelved closet or cupboard used for the storage of household linen, particularly bedlinen and associated bedding, but also bathroom and kitchen linen (towels, etc.).
LINEN CLOSETS, noun. Plural of linen closet
LINEN PAPER, noun. High quality paper with a high linen (i.e., flax fiber) content.
LINEN PROVER, noun. A small microscope for counting the threads in a given space in linen fabrics.
LINEN TESTER, noun. Folding magnifying glass; which when unfolded forms a frame for the lens at a pre-focussed distance. Commonly used in stamp collecting.

Dictionary definition

LINEN, noun. A fabric woven with fibers from the flax plant.
LINEN, noun. A high-quality paper made of linen fibers or with a linen finish.
LINEN, noun. White goods or clothing made with linen cloth.

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