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PETTICOAT, noun. (historical) A tight, usually padded undercoat worn by men over a shirt and under the doublet.
PETTICOAT, noun. (historical) A woman's undercoat, worn to be displayed beneath an open gown.
PETTICOAT, noun. (archaic or historical) A type of ornamental skirt or underskirt, often displayed below a dress; chiefly in plural, designating a woman's skirts collectively.
PETTICOAT, noun. A light woman's undergarment worn under a dress or skirt, and hanging either from the shoulders or (now especially) from the waist; a kind of slip, worn to make the skirt fuller, or for extra warmth.
PETTICOAT GOVERNMENT, noun. Government by women, whether in politics or domestic affairs.
PETTICOAT PIPE, noun. A short, flaring pipe surrounding the blast nozzle in the smoke box of a locomotive, to equalize the draft.
PETTICOAT TAIL, noun. A piece of shortbread in the shape of a sector of a circle.
PETTICOAT TAILS, noun. Plural of petticoat tail

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PETTICOAT, noun. Undergarment worn under a skirt.

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