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DRESS, noun. (countable) An item of clothing (usually worn by a woman or young girl) which both covers the upper part of the body and includes skirts below the waist.
DRESS, noun. (uncountable) Apparel, clothing.
DRESS, noun. The system of furrows on the face of a millstone.
DRESS, noun. A dress rehearsal.
DRESS, verb. (obsolete) (reflexive) (intransitive) To prepare oneself; to make ready. [14th-16thc.]
DRESS, verb. To adorn, ornament. [from 15thc.]
DRESS, verb. (nautical) To ornament (a ship) by hoisting the national colours at the peak and mastheads, and setting the jack forward; when "dressed full", the signal flags and pennants are added.
DRESS, verb. ​(transitive) To treat (a wound, or wounded person). [from 15thc.]
DRESS, verb. (transitive) To prepare (food) for cooking, especially by seasoning it. [from 15thc.]
DRESS, verb. (transitive) To fit out with the necessary clothing; to clothe, put clothes on (something or someone). [from 15thc.]
DRESS, verb. (intransitive) To clothe oneself; to put on clothes. [from 18thc.]
DRESS, verb. (intransitive) Of a man, to allow the genitals to fall to one side or other of the trousers. [from 20thc.]
DRESS, verb. To prepare for use; to fit for any use; to render suitable for an intended purpose; to get ready.
DRESS, verb. (transitive) To prepare the surface of (a material; usually stone or lumber).
DRESS, verb. (military) (ambitransitive) To arrange in exact continuity of line, as soldiers; commonly to adjust to a straight line and at proper distance; to align. Sometimes an imperative command.
DRESS, verb. To break and train for use, as a horse or other animal.
DRESS CIRCLE, noun. A gallery in a theater, generally the one containing the prominent and more expensive seats.
DRESS CIRCLES, noun. Plural of dress circle
DRESS COAT, noun. A usually black evening tailcoat worn by men as part of the white tie dress code.
DRESS COATS, noun. Plural of dress coat
DRESS CODE, noun. A formal specification of acceptable attire for a specific event or location.
DRESS CODES, noun. Plural of dress code
DRESS DOWN, verb. (idiomatic) To scold
DRESS DOWN, verb. To wear casual or informal clothes
DRESS FORM, noun. A simple tailor's dummy with no head or limbs
DRESS REHEARSAL, noun. A rehearsal prior to a public spectacle, where all the performers are in costume.
DRESS REHEARSAL, noun. The final rehearsal before a performance, whether or not costumes or performance dress be worn.
DRESS REHEARSALS, noun. Plural of dress rehearsal
DRESS SHIELD, noun. A pad affixed temporarily to a dress or other garment, inside the armpit, to prevent the garment's becoming wet or soiled from perspiration.
DRESS SHIELDS, noun. Plural of dress shield
DRESS SHIRT, noun. A collared shirt with buttons worn as part of a formal, business or business casual outfit.
DRESS SHIRTS, noun. Plural of dress shirt
DRESS TO KILL, verb. (idiomatic) (informal) To dress up so as to impress others (especially of the opposite sex).
DRESS UP, verb. (intransitive) To wear fancy dress.
DRESS UP, verb. (intransitive) To wear a costume.
DRESS UP, verb. (transitive) To decorate; to prettify.
DRESS UP, verb. (transitive) To present in a favorable light.

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DRESS, noun. A one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice.
DRESS, noun. Clothing of a distinctive style or for a particular occasion; "formal attire"; "battle dress".
DRESS, noun. Clothing in general; "she was refined in her choice of apparel"; "he always bought his clothes at the same store"; "fastidious about his dress".
DRESS, verb. Put on clothes; "we had to dress quickly"; "dress the patient"; "Can the child dress by herself?".
DRESS, verb. Provide with clothes or put clothes on; "Parents must feed and dress their child".
DRESS, verb. Put a finish on; "dress the surface smooth".
DRESS, verb. Dress in a certain manner; "She dresses in the latest Paris fashion"; "he dressed up in a suit and tie".
DRESS, verb. Dress or groom with elaborate care; "She likes to dress when going to the opera".
DRESS, verb. Kill and prepare for market or consumption; "dress a turkey".
DRESS, verb. Arrange in ranks; "dress troops".
DRESS, verb. Decorate (food), as with parsley or other ornamental foods.
DRESS, verb. Provide with decoration; "dress the windows".
DRESS, verb. Put a dressing on; "dress the salads".
DRESS, verb. Cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of; "dress the plants in the garden".
DRESS, verb. Cut down rough-hewn (lumber) to standard thickness and width.
DRESS, verb. Convert into leather; "dress the tanned skins".
DRESS, verb. Apply a bandage or medication to; "dress the victim's wounds".
DRESS, verb. Give a neat appearance to; "groom the dogs"; "dress the horses".
DRESS, verb. Arrange attractively; "dress my hair for the wedding".
DRESS, adjective. Suitable for formal occasions; "formal wear"; "a full-dress uniform"; "dress shoes".
DRESS, adjective. (of an occasion) requiring formal clothes; "a dress dinner"; "a full-dress ceremony".

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