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UNIFORM, adjective. Unvarying; all the same.
UNIFORM, adjective. Consistent; conforming to one standard.
UNIFORM, adjective. (mathematics) with speed of convergence not depending on choice of function argument; as in uniform continuity, uniform convergence
UNIFORM, adjective. (of a polymer) Composed of a single macromolecular species.
UNIFORM, noun. A distinctive outfit that serves to identify members of a group.
UNIFORM, noun. Phonetic equivalent for the letter U in the ICAO spelling alphabet, informally known as the NATO phonetic alphabet.
UNIFORM, noun. A uniformed police officer (as opposed to a detective).
UNIFORM, verb. (transitive) To clothe in a uniform.
UNIFORM, symbol. The letter U in the ICAO spelling alphabet.
UNIFORM ANTSHRIKE, noun. A passerine bird of the antbird family, Thamnophilus unicolor,
UNIFORM ANTSHRIKES, noun. Plural of uniform antshrike
UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE, proper noun. (US) (military) The code of military law written for the use of the United States Armed Forces.
UNIFORM CONTINUITY, noun. (analysis) (of a function) The property of being uniformly continuous.
UNIFORM CONVERGENCE, noun. (mathematics) A type of convergence of a sequence of functions { fn }, in which the speed of convergence of fn(x) to f(x) does not depend on x.
UNIFORM CRAKE, noun. A bird from the family Rallidae, Amaurolimnas concolor.
UNIFORM CRAKES, noun. Plural of uniform crake
UNIFORM DISTRIBUTION, noun. (mathematics) A symmetric probability distribution wherein every outcome is equally likely to occur at any point in the distribution.
UNIFORM DISTRIBUTION, noun. (biology) The presence of a roughly equal distance between specimens of a particular species within their normal species range.
UNIFORM METRIC, noun. (analysis) The metric \( \rho(f,g) = \sup_{x\in X} \{|f(x) - g(x)|\} \) where f and g are functions on X.
UNIFORM RESOURCE IDENTIFIER, noun. (Internet) A string of characters that identifies a resource that can be accessed over the Internet.
UNIFORM RESOURCE IDENTIFIERS, noun. Plural of uniform resource identifier
UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATOR, noun. A universal address for resources on the internet, which is most commonly used for websites.
UNIFORM SPACE, noun. (topology) A space for which properties like uniform continuity and uniform convergence can be formulated.

Dictionary definition

UNIFORM, noun. Clothing of distinctive design worn by members of a particular group as a means of identification.
UNIFORM, verb. Provide with uniforms; "The guards were uniformed".
UNIFORM, adjective. Always the same; showing a single form or character in all occurrences; "a street of uniform tall white buildings".
UNIFORM, adjective. The same throughout in structure or composition; "bituminous coal is often treated as a consistent and homogeneous product".
UNIFORM, adjective. Not differentiated.
UNIFORM, adjective. Evenly spaced; "at regular (or uniform) intervals".

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