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TAN, symbol. (trigonometry) A symbol of the trigonometric function tangent.
TAN, noun. A yellowish-brown colour.
TAN, noun. A darkening of the skin resulting from exposure to sunlight or similar light sources.
TAN, noun. The bark of an oak or other tree from which tannic acid is obtained.
TAN, adjective. Of a yellowish-brown.
TAN, adjective. Having dark skin as a result of exposure to the sun.
TAN, verb. (intransitive) To change to a tan colour due to exposure to the sun.
TAN, verb. (transitive) To change an animal hide into leather by soaking it in tannic acid. To work as a tanner.
TAN, verb. (transitive) (informal) To spank or beat.
TAN, noun. ​An Armenian drink made of yoghurt and water similar to airan and doogh
TAN, noun. Picul (Asian unit of weight)
TAN, noun. (dialectal) A twig or small switch.
TAN, proper noun. An English surname derived from the transliteration of various Asian surnames, particularly originating from China and Vietnam.
TAN LINE, noun. The division between skin that has darkened or tanned from exposure to sun and skin that has not been exposed to sun
TAN LINES, noun. Plural of tan line
TAN SHEN, noun. The red sage or Chinese sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza)
TAN SOMEONE'S HIDE, verb. (idiomatic) To beat or spank someone.

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TAN, noun. A browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun.
TAN, noun. A light brown the color of topaz.
TAN, noun. Ratio of the opposite to the adjacent side of a right-angled triangle.
TAN, verb. Treat skins and hides with tannic acid so as to convert them into leather.
TAN, verb. Get a tan, from wind or sun.
TAN, adjective. Of a light yellowish-brown color.

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