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HAT, noun. A covering for the head, often in the approximate form of a cone or a cylinder closed at its top end, and sometimes having a brim and other decoration.
HAT, noun. (figuratively) A particular role or capacity that a person might fill.
HAT, noun. (figuratively) Any receptacle from which numbers/names are pulled out in a lottery.
HAT, noun. (figuratively) (by extension) The lottery or draw itself.
HAT, noun. (video games) A hat switch.
HAT, noun. (typography) (non-standard) (rare) = háček
HAT, noun. Highest astronomical tide
HAT BLOCK, noun. A block on which hats are formed or dressed.
HAT BLOCKS, noun. Plural of hat block
HAT HAIR, noun. (US) An accidental hairdo resulting from the wearing of a hat.
HAT IN HAND, adverb. (idiomatic) With humility; in an apologetic or self-effacing fashion.
HAT PARADE, noun. A parade in which people all wear hats, especially comical ones.
HAT PARADES, noun. Plural of hat parade
HAT RACK, noun. (US) A piece of furniture used to store hats and clothing on, consisting of a pole with pegs on a moderately broad base; a hatstand.
HAT RACKS, noun. Plural of hat rack
HAT STAND, noun. (UK) Alternative spelling of hatstand
HAT SWITCH, noun. (video games) A control on some joysticks, used to manipulate the point of view.
HAT SWITCHES, noun. Plural of hat switch
HAT TIP, noun. A tip of the hat.
HAT TOURNAMENT, noun. A tournament format for any team sport or game in which the teams are determined by randomly dividing up the participants into appropriately sized groups.
HAT TREE, noun. (US) A hat rack; hatstand.
HAT TREES, noun. Plural of hat tree
HAT TRICK, noun. (cricket) Three wickets taken by a bowler in three consecutive balls.
HAT TRICK, noun. (ice hockey) Three goals scored by one player in a game, usually followed by fans throwing their hats onto the rink.
HAT TRICK, noun. (sports) (by extension) Three achievements in a single game, or similar, such as three consecutive wins.
HAT TRICK, noun. (baseball) (ironic) Striking out three times in one game.
HAT TRICKS, noun. Plural of hat trick

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HAT, noun. Headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim.
HAT, noun. An informal term for a person's role; "he took off his politician's hat and talked frankly".
HAT, verb. Put on or wear a hat; "He was unsuitably hatted".
HAT, verb. Furnish with a hat.

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