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LACE, noun. (uncountable) A light fabric containing patterns of holes, usually built up from a single thread.W
LACE, noun. (countable) A cord or ribbon passed through eyelets in a shoe or garment, pulled tight and tied to fasten the shoe or garment firmly.W
LACE, noun. A snare or gin, especially one made of interwoven cords; a net.
LACE, noun. (slang) (obsolete) Spirits added to coffee or another beverage.
LACE, verb. (transitive) To fasten (something) with laces.
LACE, verb. (transitive) To add alcohol, poison, a drug or anything else potentially harmful to (food or drink).
LACE, verb. (transitive) To interweave items.
LACE, verb. (transitive) To interweave the spokes of a bicycle wheel.
LACE, verb. To beat; to lash; to make stripes on.
LACE, verb. To adorn with narrow strips or braids of some decorative material.
LACE BUG, noun. Any insect in the family Tingidae, named for the lace-like appearance of the wings and pronotum.
LACE BUGS, noun. Plural of lace bug
LACE CURTAIN, noun. A thin, netlike curtain that lets light into a room, but obstructs vision from outside
LACE CURTAINS, noun. Plural of lace curtain
LACE INTO, verb. (transitive) To vigorously attack, either physically or verbally.
LACE INTO, verb. (transitive) (of food or beverages) To consume with gusto.
LACE LEATHER, noun. Thin, oil-tanned leather suitable for cutting into lacings for machine belts.
LACE MONITOR, noun. A particular kind of monitor lizard, native to Australia.
LACE MONITORS, noun. Plural of lace monitor
LACE PAPER, noun. Paper with an openwork design in imitation of lace
LACE PIECE, noun. (shipbuilding) The main piece of timber which supports the beak or head projecting beyond the stem of a ship.
LACE PILLOW, noun. A cushion used in making hand-wrought lace.
LACE UP, verb. (transitive) To fasten the laces of something.

Dictionary definition

LACE, noun. A cord that is drawn through eyelets or around hooks in order to draw together two edges (as of a shoe or garment).
LACE, noun. A delicate decorative fabric woven in an open web of symmetrical patterns.
LACE, verb. Spin,wind, or twist together; "intertwine the ribbons"; "Twine the threads into a rope"; "intertwined hearts".
LACE, verb. Make by braiding or interlacing; "lace a tablecloth".
LACE, verb. Do lacework; "The Flemish women were lacing in front of the cathedral".
LACE, verb. Draw through eyes or holes; "lace the shoelaces".
LACE, verb. Add alcohol to (beverages); "the punch is spiked!".

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