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FOAM, noun. A substance composed of a large collection of bubbles or their solidified remains.
FOAM, noun. A manufactured substance, e.g. polystyrene foam. See also derived terms.
FOAM, noun. (by extension) Sea foam; (figuratively) the sea.
FOAM, verb. (intransitive) To form or emit foam.
FOAM PARTIES, noun. Plural of foam party
FOAM PARTY, noun. A social event in which participants dance to music on a dance floor covered in several feet of suds or bubbles dispensed from a foam machine.
FOAM RUBBER, noun. Expanded latex.
FOAM RUBBER, noun. (informal) Expanded polyurethane, the padding often used in cars and furniture.

Dictionary definition

FOAM, noun. A mass of small bubbles formed in or on a liquid; "the beer had a thick head of foam".
FOAM, noun. A lightweight material in cellular form; made by introducing gas bubbles during manufacture.
FOAM, verb. Become bubbly or frothy or foaming; "The boiling soup was frothing"; "The river was foaming"; "Sparkling water".

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