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SYNTHETIC, adjective. Of, or relating to synthesis.
SYNTHETIC, adjective. (chemistry) Produced by synthesis instead of being isolated from a natural source (but may be identical to a product so obtained).
SYNTHETIC, adjective. Artificial, not genuine.
SYNTHETIC, adjective. (grammar) Pertaining to the joining of bound morphemes in a word. Compare analytic.
SYNTHETIC, noun. A synthetic compound.
SYNTHETIC AIR, noun. A form of purified air made from purified liquid air, which is used in some chemical analyses.
SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY, noun. The application of genetic engineering to generate modified or even completely new forms of life. Distinguished from older methods of transgenics by the use of either outright synthesised DNA or DNA which has been modified heavily to become more predictable and standardised. A heavy focus on modular design of genetic "parts" makes synthetic biology more of an engineering discipline than a form of pure science.
SYNTHETIC DIVISION, noun. (algebra) A method of polynomial long division in which one does not write the variables and some of the calculations.
SYNTHETIC FIBER, noun. Any fiber made by extruding a synthetic substance through spinnerets to make a thread.
SYNTHETIC LETHALITY, noun. (genetics) A type of genetic interaction in which two (or more) mutations which are not lethal when occurring singly in a cell are lethal when they occur together in the same cell.
SYNTHETIC PAPER, noun. Any of several forms of paper-like film made from plastic such as polypropylene
SYNTHETIC PAPERS, noun. Plural of synthetic paper
SYNTHETIC PHONICS, noun. System of teaching children to read by synthesising sounds from letters.'

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SYNTHETIC, noun. A compound made artificially by chemical reactions.
SYNTHETIC, adjective. Not of natural origin; prepared or made artificially; "man-made fibers"; "synthetic leather".
SYNTHETIC, adjective. Involving or of the nature of synthesis (combining separate elements to form a coherent whole) as opposed to analysis; "limnology is essentially a synthetic science composed of elements...that extend well beyond the limits of biology"- P.S.Welch.
SYNTHETIC, adjective. Systematic combining of root and modifying elements into single words.
SYNTHETIC, adjective. Of a proposition whose truth value is determined by observation or facts; "`all men are arrogant' is a synthetic proposition".
SYNTHETIC, adjective. Artificial as if portrayed in a film; "a novel with flat celluloid characters".
SYNTHETIC, adjective. Not genuine or natural; "counterfeit rhetoric that flourishes when passions are synthetic"- George Will.

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