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COTTON, noun. A plant that encases its seed in a thin fiber that is harvested and used as a fabric or cloth.
COTTON, noun. Gossypium, a genus of plant used as a source of cotton fiber.
COTTON, noun. (textiles) The textile made from the fiber harvested from the cotton plant.
COTTON, noun. (countable) An item of clothing made from cotton.
COTTON, adjective. Made of cotton.
COTTON, verb. To get on with someone or something; to have a good relationship with someone.
COTTON, proper noun. The name of several settlements around the world
COTTON, proper noun. A habitational surname​.
COTTON, proper noun. A surname​.
COTTON BALL, noun. A ball of cotton wool.
COTTON BOLL, noun. The round, fluffy clumps in which form cotton grows on a cotton plant.
COTTON BOLLS, noun. Plural of cotton boll
COTTON BUD, noun. (UK) cotton swab
COTTON CANDY, noun. (US) Melted sugar spun into thin threads and collected into a mass, usually on a stick.
COTTON CEILING, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see cotton,‎ ceiling.
COTTON CEILING, noun. An unwritten social barrier to consideration (by cis people) of transgender people as viable sexual partners.
COTTON EFFECT, proper noun. (chemistry) (physics) The characteristic change in optical rotatory dispersion and/or circular dichroism in the vicinity of an absorption band of a substance
COTTON GIN, noun. A machine used for separating cotton fibers from cotton seeds, etc.
COTTON GINS, noun. Plural of cotton gin
COTTON MOUSE, noun. Peromyscus gossypinus, an omnivorous rodent of the southeastern United States, often using cotton for nest construction.
COTTON ON, verb. (idiomatic) To realize; come to understand.
COTTON RAT, noun. Any member of the rodent genus Sigmodon. They build their nests from cotton, and can damage cotton crops.
COTTON RATS, noun. Plural of cotton rat
COTTON REEL, noun. A spool, or bobbin used to keep cotton thread tidy.
COTTON REEL, noun. A Scottish highland country dance. A 4x40 bar reel for 4 couples in a 4-couple longwise set.
COTTON SCALE, noun. A species of scale insect in the genus (Pulvinaria) which does great damage to cotton plants.
COTTON STAINER, noun. Any of various insects of the family Pyrrhocoridae whose feeding activities leave an indelible brownish-yellow stain on cotton crops.
COTTON STAINERS, noun. Plural of cotton stainer
COTTON STATE, proper noun. A nickname for Alabama
COTTON SWAB, noun. A small wad of cotton wrapped around the end of a small rod, made of wood, rolled paper, or plastic.
COTTON SWABS, noun. Plural of cotton swab
COTTON THISTLE, noun. Onopordum acanthium, a flowering plant in the family Asteraceae.
COTTON THISTLES, noun. Plural of cotton thistle
COTTON TO, verb. (idiomatic) To like; approve of, accept, or tolerate.
COTTON VELVET, noun. An imitation velvet, made of cotton.
COTTON VELVET, noun. Velvet in which the warp and woof are both of cotton, and the pile is of silk.
COTTON WOOL, noun. (US) raw fibers of cotton before being processed
COTTON WOOL, noun. (British) absorbent cotton for medical or cosmetic use etc.
COTTON WOOL BUD, noun. (British) A short, thin and flexible rod with a small wad of cotton wool at each end.
COTTON WOOL BUDS, noun. Plural of cotton wool bud
COTTON WOOLS, noun. Plural of cotton wool

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COTTON, noun. Soft silky fibers from cotton plants in their raw state.
COTTON, noun. Fabric woven from cotton fibers.
COTTON, noun. Erect bushy mallow plant or small tree bearing bolls containing seeds with many long hairy fibers.
COTTON, noun. Thread made of cotton fibers.
COTTON, verb. Take a liking to; "cotton to something".

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